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Who is Lottie Moss

Only just entering her late teens she is already accustomed to life in the public eye and has been modelling professionally for the past few years. Who is Lottie Moss? Charlotte Moss was born on January 9, 1998 so she’s 19-years-old. Born to parents Peter Edward Moss and Inger Solnordal, she is Kate Moss’ half-sister since Kate is the offspring of Peter and his first wife Linda. She lives with her parents in Haywards Heath, West Sussex where they own a 17th-century Toll House shop in Lindfield, selling vintage clothes, jewellery, homeware and food. It is touted as ‘p...

How to Stay Present With a Kundalini Guide

When I first started teaching yoga seven years ago, I would plan the whole class out top to bottom. It was perfect. I knew the students would love the class because I worked so hard creating the perfect, dynamic, and unique sequence. Sometimes, it would go as planned but—more often than not—it didn't. I remember feeling awful every time class didn't go the way I had mapped out, getting insecure every time I looked at a student's face not smiling with approval. I eventually ended up hating teaching—it never went how it was supposed to go. After a few years and many lif...

Anushka Sharma, Ileana D’Cruz, Athiya Shetty

There’s nothing like Indian women in ethnic wear, even ballroom gowns can’t win this war. Earlier, Bollywood celebs were seen wearing one during special occasions but these days with film promotions going on in full-swing, we get a glimpse of the ladies acing their fashion game frequently, either in fusion wear or Indian wear with a modern touch to it. Clearly, we were a little excited to see Anushka Sharma, Ileana D’Cruz and Athiya Shetty pulling of ethnic wear at their respective promotional events. Take a look, it might help you get some inspiration. Anushka Sharma...

Ways to Honor Your Grandparents at Your Wedding

A Special Dance For most couples, first dances and parent dances are a given. But why not grab your grandparents for an extra-special spin on the dance floor too? Or, you can let them both share a special couple's dance in the spotlight, in celebration of their love for each another, as well as you. Not only will it take them back in time, but it’s a great opportunity to create lasting memories you’ll cherish forever. (It also makes for a great photo op!) Bonus points if you play their own wedding song! Nostalgia Technically, your grandparents started it all. A cute and su...

The story behind the ballgown

There are some costumes that become icons. Batman’s cowl. Belle’s yellow gown. When it comes to musical theater, almost nothing matches Anna’s skirts. In Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “The King and I,” which arrived Tuesday at the Kennedy Center, Anna (Laura Michelle Kelly) is an English teacher hired by the King of Siam (Jose Llana) to give his children a Western education. As was the fashion in the 1860s, her skirts have a pretty impressive circumference — particularly her formal ball gown. Laci Roberts, the wardrobe supervisor for the Lincoln Cen...

Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky, co-founders, BaubleBar

(Photo:cocktail dresses) Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky, co-founders of BaubleBar, are the dynamic duo that disrupted the jewelry industry and redefined how women shop for accessories. Having forged a lifelong friendship at their first job in investment banking, it was during their time at Harvard Business School that they conceived the idea for BaubleBar, the first go-to fashion jewelry brand with unparalleled selection at a guilt-free price point. Since launching in 2011, BaubleBar has seen immense growth – in just six years, BaubleBar has expanded from an online direct-to-...


When you put something on, you need to be positive that it’s good for you, and not just chemical waste pulled out of a poisoned stream downriver from a nuclear power plant. Hopefully we aren’t faced with such a black and white situation like that on a daily basis, but it’s good to start teaching ourselves what to look for. We spoke to Danijela Unkovich, a local nutritionist and SKIN by ecostore ambassador about what we can do and what we should look out for. What are the ingredients that we should look out for within skincare products? Skincare is a great example of ...

Experiment with your wedding jewellery

Gearing up for your wedding? Wait. If you haven’t really shopped yet, then there are latest trends that will make you look much more prettier on the most special day of your life. Give it a read, as city-based freelance jewellery stylist and designer Shravani Mittapalli talks about latest designs that are in and best suited for modern-day brides for different occasions during wedding. “One can pair plain gold heavy choker, gold haaram (chain), gold antique vaddanam (waist belt) with some dark-coloured sari for a perfect look on the wedding day,” shared Shravani. Ta...

Afton Park celebrates weddings with photos and fashion show

Afton Park Place life enrichment manager Stacy Petrie is commending life enrichment worker Marjorie Desmet for creating an event at the Sarnia long-term care home June 21 that celebrated weddings and the fashion tied to matrimony. June was Seniors’ Month, and Marjorie wanted to create an event for residents that reflected things they enjoyed talking about. Weddings are always a hot topic. One staff member bought a box of wedding dresses from Value Village, and that got the ball rolling, says Stacy, who wore a 1970s bridesmaid’s dress during the event. “(Marjorie) ha...

A Relaxed, Wine-Fueled Wedding on Lake Como

For Kate Kennedy and Greg Fodell, it all started with pizza. In January of 2010, Kate, founder of home décor company Be There in Five, was at a birthday party on New York City’s Lower East Side when she and a friend decided to head to nearby Artichoke for a pie. “My friend had an ‘in’ behind the counter—meaning we could skip the 45-minute line!—and Greg overheard us and asked to tag along,” says Kate of her now-husband. “He was a complete stranger, but we gave him a shot!” Sharing their pizza connection turned out to be worth i...


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que le jour de votre mariage vous concerne en couple goodrobe.fr

Donc vous avez décidé qu'un mariage est pour vous. Maintenant vient la décoration! Vous pourriez être le genre de mariée qui veut une explosion de rouges, de verts et d'or pour votre fête de Noël, ou vous pourriez être la mariée qui ne veut pas l'atelier du père Noël à son mariage. Quoi qu'il en soit  (continua)

Une liste de contrôle pour les mères de la mariée

 La mère de la mariée est l'un des membres les plus occupés de la fête de mariage avant, ainsi que pour le grand jour. Il y a tellement de choses à penser et tellement de choses à faire que nous devons dresser une liste de vérification pour nous assurer que tout est couvert. Sans doute, elle va assister à au moins une douche nuptiale (continua)

Fausto Morciano interpreta un padre autoritario nel film "Dei"

Fausto Morciano interpreta un padre autoritario nel film
Salentino di nascita e romano d’adozione, il magnetico Fausto Morciano sarà prossimamente al cinema con il film “DEI” di Cosimo Terlizzi, pellicola prodotta da Riccardo Scamarcio, Valeria Golino e Viola Prestieri per Buena Onda e distribuito da europictures. Nel film interpreta Nicola, padre autoritario e amorevole del giovane Martino, protagonista del film, col quale ha (continua)

Barbara Brandelli "Tra palestra e recitazione"

Barbara Brandelli
Intervista alla personal trainer e artista Barbara Brandelli di Roma. I suoi punti fondamentali sono la famiglia, lo spettacolo e il suo lavoro da personal trainer. Parlaci di te? Ho 36 anni e sono di Roma. Avevo 15 anni quando sono entrata per la prima volta in una palestra ed ho capito subito che quello sarebbe stato il lavoro della mia vita. Ci passavo tre ore al giorno tutti i giorni e all'e (continua)

Il Caffè Kenon oggi su La7

Il Caffè Kenon oggi su La7
Gustibus, ci condurrà a conoscere l’Oro di Napoli, nella sua 14° puntata C’è sempre più interesse in campo nazionale, ma anche oltre, per le eccellenze della Campania. Nessuno può disconoscere che una di queste nostre perle della gastronomia è rappresentata dal caffè, quel caffè cantato da Fabrizio De Andrè “Ah, che bellu ccafe`”, quel caffè che è con Kenon divenuto “L’Oro di Napoli”. Un’azienda (continua)