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get back behind the wheel and reach the most beautiful beaches

On one side there is Palazzo Leopardi. The home of the poet and his family can be visited, the building is very beautiful under the architectural point of view, there are also original clothes and furniture, but even more impressive is the library of the Leopardi house which contains about 20,000 volumes. Some of the rooms you visit overlook the square, right on the house where the young woman lived, to whom the poet dedicated his wonderful A Silvia. After the visit go out and head to the place where we have promised to bring you from the beginning: L'Ermo Colle. From here the view is really suggestive and looking around you will remember every detail that the poet described in his verses. Before leaving the beautiful Recanati treat yourself to the Vincigrassi, a typical local lasagna.
Continue your journey in the hinterland of the Conero Riviera and stop in Offagna. It is a medieval village of about 2000 inhabitants, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and since 2013 has won the orange flag. Visiting the village you can not ignore the fifteenth-century castle that dominates the surrounding area from above. Inside are costude weapons and vintage clothes, while climbing the tower you can see the alarm bell, which testifies to the importance that the building has had in the defense of those areas.

If you want to taste a typical gastronomic of the place try the crescia, a flat bread made with flour mother of the bride designers, olive oil, lard, lard, cooked on the grill and served with cold cuts, meat or herbs. The inhabitants of the place are so proud that in 1992 they established the association "Accademia della Crescia".
To relive even more the medieval atmosphere go to Offagna in July, during the week of the Medieval Festivals. During these seven days you can walk through the alleys and see dames and knights, soldiers, minstrels and jugglers. It is an experience to do absolutely !!

After this immersion in history, get back behind the wheel and reach the most beautiful beaches of the Conero Riviera: Portonovo. This is the true heart of the Conero, the bay is in fact in the rocky frame of the mountain and is completely surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

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