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Pebble Time - new champion Kick

Pebble Time - the second version of the best at the moment, smart watches launched for Kickstarter and just explodes money. For the first half an hour was to raise $ 1 million for the hour is $ 3 million. And the clock is worth it to pay for them. And this despite the fact that in April should leave...

Smartwatches need more functions and features to be worth

We tested the main models available in the market and saw that despite the good performance to offset the high investment they still need more functions and technological resources. See which evaluated best.   Technology products are up and the launch of the new market is frequent. We tested ...

The virus will also arrive soon to smartwatches

The idea of ​​smartphones has come to stay and increasingly see new devices to be supplied and placed on the market.   If most of the marks is concerned to launch new lines and new ways to captivate consumers, there is already another line of software producers are beginning to de...

Microsoft should launch its Smartwatch soon

It was almost certain that Microsoft entered the world of wearable devices, in particular smartwatches, shortly. The company wants to stand out in the segment of mobile devices and this universe will ever beyond smartphones and tablets. Within the next few weeks, Microsoft may make a smartwatch wit...

spy listening ashtray

This ashtray might seem against others as a content for the banal cigarette ashes but for you it is an indispensable tool if you want to listen to the conversations of others without they have no idea that their words are record.   Indeed, it contains a voice recorder or microphone if you lik...

4GB Spy Camera Cap

 The product is presented to you is a true wonder if you want to get what you fulfill your spying times. It's a hat as you can see but has many advantages that differentiates it from others.   It contains a hidden cams completely undetectable only you will or she is really located. With ...

What is the flagship product?

Fiction has made the surprise factor is gone in relation to the products of espionage. Fictional detectives and spies have shown us new fantasy far ahead of actual technology itself puts his feet on the ground. After removing this constraint the size, the live broadcast and the possibility of being ...

Apple Watch and other smart watches are losing ground to more simple wearable

 It is quite possible that tomorrow we see a new generation of Apple Watch, but the first smartwatch Apple still faces some problems to steady the market. A report released today by research firm IDC shows that well; however, the problem can not be specifically the Apple device: the market as a...

Sony has smart watch project with e-ink technology

 Sony sets the stage for the launch of FES Watch since September. The wristwatch was presented with this name in Makuake, a kind of Japanese Kickstarter, without any connection with the company. Soon, the proposal exceeded its collection target. The interesting point of the bluetooth smart watc...

Market antiproslushivayuschih devices

As the official statistics, today the average annual growth of video surveillance systems is about 40%. When accounting for the illicit trafficking of eavesdropping bugs this number increases almost twice. The use of listening devices in our time due to the listening systems houses. The actual sale ...


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