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prodotti tipici calabresi

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Traditional Calabrian foods are nduja and Calabrian products

The discovery of 'Nduja , a Calabrian specialty based on pork and chilli, is becoming increasingly popular. The dough is very soft and lighter versions are also available for those who don't like spices too much. Five companies have been chosen for you.

 In recent years, the appreciation for 'nduja has grown steadily. What's behind the increase? Perhaps because it is a totally different type of salami than the more common ones. While its spiciness comes from chillies, its best feature is its incredibly soft dough. You can use it to flavor crostini and pasta both raw and cooked, especially if they are based on vegetables or vegetables. Although the origins of 'nduja are unknown, its function as a flavor enhancer is undoubtedly no coincidence. Originally it was prepared with fat, salt and chilli, all excellent natural preservatives.

It was originally made in Spain.

In Spilinga, in Vibo Valentia, in a hilly area, the 'nduja originated. It is believed that about twenty years ago Cosenza and Reggio were typical Calabrian products . They all had something in common, as has also happened in a few other southern regions, including Basilicata and Abruzzo. Many companies have adopted the recipe of 'nduja, which has become a symbol of Calabria. Also, the spread has been changed from the original recipe, for example by adding more meat and reducing the amount of chili as not everyone likes it.


Most of the fat comes from noble fats, while the rest comes from meats and chillies, which can range from 20 to 30%. They can be added in the form of a puree (without seeds or peels), powdered or finely chopped the old fashioned way and mixed together.

Bacon, bacon without soft fat, scraps from other processes, and lard are the most commonly used parts of pork. Salt and chilli are mixed with finely chopped meat and fat and then left to rest. Then they are stuffed, usually in a natural casing called "orba", which gives them that elongated shape. After drying, which is sometimes done with a fireplace, we move on to seasoning, which takes from four months to a year.

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