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A hotel for your Rock-in Roma Holiday!

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 In only four years Rock in Roma has become one of the biggest and most popular Italian rock festivals, today a not-to-be-missed music event of the Roman summer. With an accurate research about the most interesting trends in rock music, an intensive program of daily performances during 60 summer days, Italian and international rock bands alternate on the stage of Rock in Rome to perform during the festival. This year, more than 300.000 guests are awaited at Capannelle Hippodrome, the festival’s venue located just about 10 miles from Rome city center. 


Among the bands performing during this 2013 edition on the stage of Rock in Roma, The Stooges, Rammstein, Arctic Monkeys, The Vaccines, Mark Knopfler, Atoms for Peace, Ska-P Casinò Royal, The Smashing Pumpkins, Max Gazzè, Zucchero, Daniele Silvestri, Deep Purple, Neil Young, Sigur Ros, Blur and one of the world’s most popular rocker, Bruce Springsteen.


If you do not want to miss Rock in Roma you can choose the Hotel Nazionale in Rome for your stay in the city during the Festival. Hotel Nazionale,  is located in the heart of Rome’s city center, a convenient location to reach the festival venue.


The 4-star Hotel Nazionale in Roma offers many elegant and comfortable bedrooms, each one with the most advanced services to make a beautiful holiday out of your stay in Rome for Rock in Roma.
The hotel overlooks the Italian Parliament Square in the very center of ancient Rome. Some of the most important roman attractions are very close to the hotel: the Pantheon and the beautiful Piazza Navona are about 5 minutes walking distance, as well as Campo de Fiori, while the central shopping street Via dei Corso is just in front of the hotel. The Spanish Steps and the Trevi fountain are maybe 10 minutes away, The Colosseum and the Piazza del Popolo can also be reached very easily with a nice walk through the historical city center, which can also lead you to the Vatican city in about half an hour to visit the Musei Vaticani, with some of the most important work of arts of western art history.
If you wish to relax after the concerts, the location of Hotel Nazionale is a very quiet one, in a square which is slightly away from the main road, and closed to car traffic. Also some of the best gelato shops and restaurants serving the most delicious specialties of Italian and roman cuisine are very close. With a  very suggestive view of Rome’s cityscape, orange and red rooftops beautifully tiled, with floral terraces, lead your sight all the way to Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City and many other buildings making the view from your room unique.


Hotel Nazionale is definitely a great place to stay not only to enjoy the Rock in Roma festival, but also to take the chance to visit the eternal city of Rome and have a beautiful holiday in Rome. 

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