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Rimodellamento Del Derma

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 The aesthetic market is one of those continuous fervor and in recent years has experienced unprecedented growth. Syneron and Candela are currently the world leader in the industry that deals with the production of medical instruments specific to the aesthetic market.

Syneron and Candela is a company with two distinct brands. The decision to keep separate the two brands was made specifically to offer customers expertise, technological innovation, reliability, professionalism and of course the quality of the product.
And 'thanks to the union of the financial resources of the two brands, Syneron and Candela has the opportunity to propose a catalog full of different products, distributed in a short time in any area of ​​the globe. The company invests heavily in innovation, trying to predict the market and especially to be able to satisfy all needs of consumers, which offers one of the best customer services.
The product catalog is divided into three sections: Syneron eSeries, Syneron and Candela Brands Brands. The first two are badged Syneron equipment, among which we highlight eLase with Motif tool for fast epilation and most painless eLight, equipment for a complete treatment of the face and CO2RE, useful for the treatment of all the layers of our skin , from the most superficial to the deepest.
The third section shows the equipment badged Candle, among which we mention Alex TriVantage tool for complete removal of tattoos, Vbeam, an apparatus that provides the technology for dye laser button more innovative than ever, and GentleMax Pro, one of the best systems integrated aesthetic treatment.
In addition to the production of medical equipment, Syneron and Candela is also a company that specializes in providing effective treatments. Some are specific for the face or body, while others are complete treatments Body & Facial.
Syneron and Candela is also engaged in training its employees and all those who are interested in the aesthetic market. The company regularly organizes courses, conferences and workshops, as well as offering the opportunity to learn through virtual courses, with the e-learning platform.

For more information visit - www.syneron-candela.it/product/eprime

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