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2014 new Ponte dress-bridal gown

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2014 new Ponte fun maxi dress for wedding hit, Ponte dress-wedding dress design method to the waist tight, waist to skirt Bai as the umbrella open, it will make the bride Princess ornate noble, and its greatest benefit is to mask the defects of the legs. Here take a look at the latest Ponte dress-Bridal dresses pictures now! Latest Ponte dress bride wedding dress now is one of the most brides choose wedding dress models, look at it now! Bridal dress thick satin, Crystal yarn, forge, forging, lace, organza, mesh yarn, and the most common bridal gowns generally uses more yarn fabrics. This latest Ponte dress bride wedding dress, gown Butterfly corset, waist, and added a long veil bride is like a fairy tale Princess came to the crowd, more embodied the bride's purity of mind. Like this: the fabrics light, elegant, look fresh and cool, ideal for summer wear. Married couple wearing white wedding dresses custom source with the West, in Western white wedding represents the heart of pure, then gradually evolved into a symbol of virginity. For this latest Ponte dress-bridal wedding dress, a very neat curves, dress fabrics were full of liquid yarn material, raised muslin wedding bridal fashion and perfect entertaining elements of the wedding walk surrounded by charm.

As designers have wonderful ideas, brides wedding dresses are increasingly diverse, showed up in the wedding dress a-type wedding dress, the wedding dress in bloom again this year and a fitted waist, hips began to suddenly let go as a speaker, niaona like a mermaid. Pure white made the wedding dress of the bride's purity and virginity. Bridal fashion trends never go on wedding decoration techniques is essential, mainly traditional embroidery in a decorative technique, water bright pearls, lace, ribbons, bows, folds, flounces, stereo and feathers, selection of Bilje in that order, with no difference in the past. This latest Ponte skirt bridal gown is used, crystals and lace, this piece of decorative techniques. Match the bride looked more stylish and attractive. This latest bridal gown design style is more inclined to detail, designer fashion for details of the continuation of the overall shape of the simple, more focus on the neckline and waist line design, hollow, embroidery, flowers and other elements are widely used.

Oriental elements such as embroidery makes use of Western-style wedding dress along with Eastern brides of graceful temperament. This design generally follow, forging, forging thick satin fabrics. Because it will make the bride and the noble and generous, extremely feminine behind. In bridal gown romance in layers is not essential, focuses on performance and the pace of change, rather than adornment of heavy and puffy at the level, full of inspiration, not heavy. Add dynamic elements layered wedding dress, kicked up by the folds of lace and layers of chiffon were perfect wedding bridal fashions, wedding dress walking among the dynamic element surrounded by charm. This latest Ponte dress Bridal dresses fashion using the same elements, using traditional embroidery of decorative techniques and water bright Pearl. Designers are showing off a wealth of design talent, chic, Vogue, changeable style will make it difficult to imagine. They will be every bride has become the world's most unique and unique brides.


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