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The scalp or the entire length of the hair

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The frequency of washing of the hair must be based on the amount of fat that generates the scalp. If it is fatty, it may be necessary to wash it once a day. In the event you receive any chemical treatment, scalp could be drier, so it would be advisable to wash it less frequently.

Since air-conditioners can do fine hair to lose form, they should only be used on the hair ends and not on the scalp or the entire length of the hair.

If our hair is dyed, it is convenient to use a shampoo designed for colour treated hair. If it is damaged or has been used chemical treatments on mens hair toupee should assess the possibility of using a two-in-one shampoo. Regardless of the cost, many brands of shampoo and conditioners provide the same benefits.

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If practiced swimming in pool we will protect hair from the harmful effects of chlorine, hydrating him and preparing him before swimming. He is recommended the use of a properly fitted shower CAP and the use of shampoo formulas especially aimed at those who swim, as well as a conditioner of deep action that can replace the moisture lost after the bath.

Finally, should bear in mind that with the passing of the years the scalp produces less fat so you do not need to use the shampoo as often.

However, if detected flaking could not be washing it enough, which can lead to developing dandruff and other scalp diseases.

When washing the hair, should focus on mainly clean the scalp instead of washing the entire length of the hair. If only the Polyester Line Hair Systems, this can be damaging and more thin, dull and rough.

Unless using a shampoo two in one, which cleans and conditions hair, it is recommended to use conditioner after the shampoo. Use a conditioner can greatly improve the appearance of the hair damaged or aged to increase shine, reduce static, improve its strength and provide some protection against harmful UV rays.

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