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this speech collected Zi Zi students usually written down

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this speech collected Zi Zi students usually written down , because these statements involve a wide range of content , it is difficult to generalize with certain words , and these words from a general point of view most of the more general summary , probably reflects Zi thought , so the editors put it always entitled " rough ." This is the most discussed Zi " rites Zunsian " thinking and a variety of rituals , others such as " justice" , " weight method loving ", " justice" and "benefits" of relations as well as education , training , learning , making friends etc. are involved, and a lot Paradox witty , with "The Analects " comparable .


[ Translation ]

Chamber :

ruling monarch of the people, respect for justice崇尚礼sage king of the world will be able to focus on People will be able to dominate the princes cherish the rule of law , seek to engage in fraudulent financial benefit will be more than dangerous .

" want to close it all around , it is better in the middle ." So the king of the world must live in the world of sovereign central region, which is a kind of ritual .

emperor will screen wall located at the door , princes will screen wall located in the door , it is a ritual . The screen wall is located in the door, did not want to see the inside out ; Zhaobi in the door, do not want to let outside to see inside. When

summoned his courtiers, princes , courtiers ranging from driving a good car , no clothes to wear neat to run, which is a ritual . "Poetry ," says: "upside skew wear a dress , because people called me from the king ." When the emperor summoned the princes , princes people go near a horse pulling a car , it is a ritual . "Poetry ," says: "I put my car pull it out , driving them to that someone from the pasture to the emperor at , call me Come on departure .."

emperor wearing patterned dress painted Yamagata , wearing hat , princes wear black dress, wearing a hat, a doctor wearing Pi clothing, wearing a hat , who cooked leather wearing dark red hat , which is a ritual .

emperor was using the upper end of the cone-shaped large jade version , use the upper end of the princes rounded jade version , the doctor 's hand made using the illustrated version, which is a kind of ritual .

emperor with carved floral bow , princes with a red bow , the doctor with a black bow, which is a ritual .

princes met each other when Emily do introducer to make their own etiquette education scholar who received all go , let generosity of people left behind .

sent messengers to ask Hou vassal state for human use Gui, to make a state visit with Choi, who summoned by Ai , sever relations with people with Yuan , who recalled being cut off relations with the ring .

Jun principal Cunli kindness ; wisdom, benevolence servitude things ; ritual is complete reflects the caring heart . So pay attention to the first king of the world 's people Rende , then pay attention to etiquette , natural arrangement is like that.

" dowry " record , said: " generous gift will hurt Germany , luxury goods will engulf the ceremony ." Yeah ritual ceremony Yeah, it just means Yubo these gifts do ? "Poetry ," says: "Various food taste really beautiful, because they are palatable ." If you do not fit with the season , not respectful polite , no joy happy , even if the taste is beautiful, is not in line with ritual .

trek in the water people use signs to indicate the depth of people Buzhi Yu into deep water and drowned ; person standard to govern the people and bring disaster showed , people Buzhi Yu mistakes. Ritual , is this standard , the ancient ritual of the Holy Spirit emperors with exposing the world to bring disaster . Abolition of ritual , which is standard in lost ah , so confused and trapped people bring disaster . This is the penalty for many reasons.

Shun said: . " Only I can arbitrarily control the world " that ritual development , as well as to wise men following the masses, not for people to become a saint , but it also makes a saint a tool . However, learning is not the person can not become saints . Yao told the king domains of learning , Zhao Shun had service learning into the kingdom west Yu had to learn .

five -year-old people do not need to do all the mourning ritual , seven -year-old man in the body as long as the mourning on the line .

personally to greet the bride and groom etiquette : father stood facing south , facing north kneeling son , while the father asked his son to pour ritual side : "Go greet your good wife , heir to the completion of my family ancestral temple worship the event, led her to take to make you weep heir respectfully , your actions will have a routine , " his son said: ." Yes, I'm afraid I can not afford to do it, never dare not forget your asked "

called virtues , refers to pursue propriety . The so-called righteousness, that noble man to the status of respect for the old man to filial piety, respect for older people to be from , for young people to love, for people who want to give humble grace .

reward in their families , should be commended as a reward in the country to use the same ; slaves of their own anger, the penalty should be the same as for people to use .

gentleman for children , love them without showing his face, dictating to them but not exposed look, with the right reason to guide them without forcing them to accept .

ceremony to conform to the people as the foundation , so in "ceremony was " no and can respond to the people's hearts are ceremony.


etiquette is: for students who serve is to retouch joy ; used to bury the dead, in order to better express feelings of sorrow ; for the army, in order to decorative mighty potential.

close to their parents , warm treat old friends , who have rendered meritorious reward , reward paid labor , and this is the level difference between the benevolence aspects . Precious identity respected person, respected official post prominent people , respect the moral person, beloved elderly people , respect older people , it is the ethical aspects of justice . These can pursue righteousness of the road appropriately , is the ritual of the order. Jen is the love , and the people they are able to get close to each other , meaning that stands to reason , it is possible to implement . Eli is modest , it is to be successful. Jen has a home place, meaning there are out the door . Jen , if not it should go home where they settled in there, it is not benevolence . Meaning , if not it should be out of the door and from there out , it is not what justice. Purposes of grace and not to reason , do not become benevolence ; Mastery truth and dare not comply , do not become righteous ; understand the system enables people to live without coordination , do not become a ritual ; harmony coordinated without express out , do not become music . So: benevolence, righteousness , propriety, music, they want to achieve the same objective . According to dispose of the righteous benevolence gentleman , then only the benevolence ; according to Eli Lilly pursue righteousness, then only the righteous ; back to grab its fundamental principles in order to develop the ceremony and then complete it in detail , and then have a ceremony. These three are proficient , and then is the right way .

help others donated property called funeral and funeral expenses , gift horses called Feng , donated clothes quilt called Feng shroud , giving the deceased enjoying the hobby items called gifts, gift bead with shells for the dead in the mouth called han . Funeral expenses , Feng , is used to help families of the deceased ; gifts, Sui , is used to bury the dead. When not seeing the coffin of the deceased corpse farewell , mourning the dead and comforting the family does not reach its sad , is not in line with the ceremony . So take the time to attend the ceremony Kyrgyzstan fifty miles a day , and walked a hundred miles a day when the funeral , the funeral and the gift of helping others something sure to catch the funeral , which is courtesy of the big end ah.

ceremony, is the guiding principle of politics. Governance affairs is not in accordance with the ritual , the policy can not be implemented.


emperor just boarded the throne, the Qing stepped forward , said: " anxiety so deep , how do you do it to remove the scourge can have happiness, can not remove the scourge will suffer ? ." Having put first book written to the emperor . Emily walked in , said: " Heaven and match and have the world land who happened to be considered prior to that things came to be considered before the evil scourge to consider before happened to that thing . this is called agile ; able agility, then things will be a success before the evil scourge came to take into account , this is called pre-prepared ; . be able to prepare in advance , then it will not happen before the scourge called backward to consider what happens after . ; behind, then things do not just consider the scourge called distress came after ; . distress , then you can not resist the scourge of the " Having put the book the second book to the emperor . Emily walked down , said: " careful and alert people still do not slack off on the celebration hall , mourners who had come to the gate against the scourge and happiness , no one knows where they produce to prepared ah ! .. ! to pre-prepared ah ! millions of people are looking forward to your . " Having put the book to the emperor third album .

Yu saw two people side by side arable farming , to stand up and hold the car in front of the crossbar ; After ten families in town , be sure to get off.

hunt animals early, towards late undesirable ceremony. People do not govern according to the ceremony , a move will stumble .

bent over behind the waist with flat called worship , head lower than waist called Jishou , head of the ground called protracted forehead .

doctor to doctor only to worship without retainers Jishou , this is not for the advancement of retainers , but to avoid the same doctor and the monarch in etiquette grade .


drinking in the township, and village -level officials who arranged according to age precedence ; two officers and men of the same clan are arranged in order of precedence according to age ; As for the three officers, then even people with the clan 's seven years old, did not dare to row in front of him .

doctor of the doctor, the doctor , the next doctor.

auspicious thing in high- ranking official position of the person in front, in the funeral of a close relationship with the deceased person ranking first.

monarch not between governance would not have respected gentleman , not a gentleman 's governance will not close between father and son , between brothers and governance are not a gentleman would not Hwasun , governance between the husband and wife are not a gentleman would not have joy. Young people rely on a gentleman 's governance and adulthood , people rely on the old gentleman 's governance and get support . So raising the earth people , saints achievements of people.

recruits that regards. Enjoy that into the offer . Private Di, is a private meeting.

describe speak better , he said , " Mu Mu is insignificant ." Describe the court 's OK , he said , " a large pool stagger stagger ."

gives when courtiers can only persuade and not defamatory , and not only home to hate , blame and not only anger .

monarch to the doctor when he was sick condolences go three times after his death to pay homage to three times ; For disabilities, condolences once again pay homage . If not visiting princes disease , and pay homage to the dead , less than courtiers home.


father or mother has been buried, the monarch or his father's friends make their own meals , you can eat , do not avoid rice, meat , wine, but there should Acknowledgements . Scale

rest room can not exceed the temple to participate in the clothes worn by Yan Li can not exceed dress worn ritual , a ritual .

" Book of Changes " in the " salty " diagram , showing the couple in the road. Wife of the Road , is can not correct , it is the monarch , the fundamental relationship between father and son . Under the " salty " , meaning that the sensor , its symbol is placed under the high- low , the men placed woman , is soft on top and bold below .

hire Magi ceremony , the bride and groom to meet personally approach is focused on start.

ceremony, human Lishenzhichu . Lost Lishenzhichu , they will fall into perdition. Lose a little bit and bring disaster caused a lot of stuff that ceremony.

ceremony to straighten out the country , like the scales for the severity of the same, the same as ink lines for right and wrong . So people can not live no ritual , no ceremony can not accomplishing things , the state will not be at peace no ceremony .

bell sounds, in line with the car slow line "Wu ", " like" rhythm, in line with " Shao" at the Mercedes-Benz car , "protect " the rhythm.


gentleman walking to listen to the sound to check whether Pei law and practice good manners instrument then go out.

wife started from frost , when the second year of the river ice melts to stop the marriage .

for being the wife , ten intercourse once.

each sitting, watching his lap ; party stood and watched his feet ; answering speak, watching his face. When the other side stood six feet in front of him gaze at him, and the farthest , 66 XXXVI, watching him thirty feet six feet in place .

ceremonial role looks and feelings with each other inside and outside the table constitutes a relationship , which is modest ceremony.

good at thinking called into account .

ritual , its fundamental principles and specific details are not mutually exclusive , the end of the ceremony of life and life should be combined with each other to start the ceremony .

ceremony , the money items as a tool to distinguish noble and humble as a ritual system , to enjoy as much of a difference and humble . Courtiers

with inferior goods to serve the monarch , medium courtiers with their lives to serve the monarch , the finest talent to serve the monarch courtiers recommended .

" Book of Changes" , said: " return to their path, what is at fault ?"

" Spring" praise Qinmu that he can change.

scholars have jealous friends , then and sage exchanges will not close ; monarch had jealous courtiers , the sage would not come. Buried just man called ignorant bully , buried virtuous people called jealousy, envy flattery ignorant bully who called cunning deceit. Sly cunning villain, ignorant bully jealous courtiers , is the country's garbage and evildoer .

mouth can talk about righteousness, propriety itself can pursue , such a person is a national treasure . Mouth can not talk about propriety , be able to pursue their own righteousness, this man is the appliance of the country. Mouth can talk about righteousness, propriety itself can not be pursued , such a person is a national tool. His mouth when he said , do bad things themselves , such people are evildoer country. Who govern the country 's national treasures respect , care appliances countries , the use of national tool to eradicate evildoer countries.

not make people rich will not be able to restore people's thoughts and feelings , without education you can not straighten out the public nature. Each configuration mu homestead , one hundred acres of arable land, efforts to engage in agricultural production without delay their farming season , this is the way to make them rich . Establishment of national institutions of higher learning , the establishment of local schools , straighten six etiquette , exposing the seven aspects of education , which is used to guide their way . "Poetry ," says: " people to drink ah give to eat, to educate people ah mentors ." Like this, king of the world 's affairs will complete it.


week武王刚into Yin and Shang Yung lived Lane entrance mark established in recognition of his merit , lifting the Jizi captivity than dry tomb weeping in mourning , then the world people tend to do good .

world, one country has a talented person, every age has its elite people . Lost people do not ask , do not ask a drowning man wading in the road, the subjugation of the autocratic monarchy . "Poetry ," says: "I am talking about is a matter of , do not think there was a joke ancient saying : Woodman would like to ask ," which is said to be widespread in all aspects of human inquiry .

have a legal basis to handle it in accordance with the law , there is no legal provision to follow it in accordance with the analogy of the way to handle . Based on its fundamental principle infer its details , according to one aspect it is another aspect inferred . Almost all kinds of things , but it restricts the truth though different from each other . Reward and recognition for torture punishment , accessible analogy principle , and in order to have the appropriate disposition . Political indoctrination and customs to adapt, and can be implemented .

eighty years of age, can have a son refuses to accept servitude ; nine -year-old man, the whole family can be satisfied servitude ; crippled sick, does anyone care can not live at home can have a person refuses to accept servitude . Father, mother 's funeral , three refused to accept servitude can ; Qicui and great service can be satisfied for three months hard labor . Moved to the country from other princes and the new marriage can be satisfied with one year hard labor .

Confucius said, is the sub- kui gain a clear grasp of the monarch doctor , inferior Yan ; Yan , is effective courtiers , inferior sub- production ; child produced , is a person who gives grace , and not on Guan ; Guan conduct of doing things , but not committed to a moral commitment to effectiveness , resourcefulness and not committed to caring committed , is a lack of propriety cultivated person , can not do the emperor 's doctor.

Mencius three saw King Xuan without talking about affairs of state . His students said: "Why not talk about affairs of state three times met the king ? " Mencius said: . " I have to blow his bad thoughts "

male line of the State of Yan son , on the road once per encounter , said: "how? Jun Yan Guoguo like" Tseng said: . " his ambition far far larger aspirations of people underestimate the importance of big business , people do not underestimate the importance of the cause to find someone to help if you do not find someone to help, what . other countries can overcome it ? dizu he is only human , Qiang people captive , he is not worried that he was tied up , but fears his death could not be cremated in accordance with dizu Qiang customs. get benefits like that new long fall like fine animal hair out , but detrimental to the country and harm , so he definitely going to do something , how can it be understood plan ? "

needle now that people lost all day looking for it did not find ; when he found it, not the eyes brighter , but rather stared discovered it . Mind to consider the issue as well.

moral and self-interest , is that people of both things. Even Yao , Shun Xianjun such people can not be removed by the desire to pursue self-interest , but it can make them match for their pursuit of self-interest on the moral hobby . Even Xia Jie , Shang Zhou tyrant such people can not get rid of moral preferences, but they can make their hobby no match for the moral pursuit of self-interest . So the moral is better than self-interest is well governed society , self-interest than is the chaotic social moral . Monarch moral value , it will overcome the moral interests; monarch respected private interests , private interests will be better than moral . So the emperor does not talk about how many possessions , princes do not talk about beneficial or harmful , doctors do not talk or get lost , who do not trafficking, the sale of goods ; sovereign nations do not have cattle and sheep breeding , dedicated to the monarch 's courtiers are not farmed chickens and pigs , Qing hold on usury , the doctor does not build field vegetables ; from officials who are in pursuit of the above self-interest rather than for the shame and people fighting career , like charity and to hoard possession of shame. So money is not plagued by the people , the poor people will not know what to do it.

emperor crusade against the four countries , King Wu Heaven two people, Zhougongdan finished king of the world 's great cause , to Zhou Wang , Zhou Kang when there is no killing it.

praise gathering money and nothing to be seen as shameful , adding to the burden of the people and punish people who bear the burden , which is the root of evil behavior , but also the penalties range of reasons.

justice -loving monarch , then people would secretly straighten up . Fu -loving monarch , then people will die of the IDS . These two points, is the rule and chaos fork road. Folk saying goes : "If you want the rich yet endured the shame of it, demoralization it, make a clean break with the old friends now , and contrary to the moral right ? ." Monarch -loving rich , the behavior of the people on the way, how can we not chaos ?

Shang Dynasty because of drought and prayed to God : " My policy is inappropriate you are my people so bitter servitude Why do such extreme drought to the point where my palace room ? ? ? homes too gorgeous yet ? wives and concubines are intercede if asked too much? Why this extreme drought to the point ? bribery prevalent it? slander people are fortune it? Why this extreme drought to the point ? "

fertility god people , not to the monarch ; God established the monarchy , but it is for the people . So in ancient and feudal vassal state land to build , not just to respect the princes of it ; arrange a variety of office, the difference between salary grade title , not just to respect the doctor only.

King of the Road, is to understand the people ; minister of the road , lies versed in political affairs . Shun former world governance , not everything will caution while accomplishing a variety of things . The farmer was not very proficient in farming and therefore do manage agriculture officials , workers and businessmen as well.

to replace people with no moral elite people , ranging from divination to know is auspicious . The stability of the country to attack with chaotic country , ranging from war to know can be overcome.

people who want to attack Lu Qi , Bian Zhuang Zi scruples , not after Bian city . People want to attack Jin Weiguo , afraid Zi , not through the Po Yap .

not understand politics went to ask Yao, Shun , no wealth went to look for treasure. I said: the political principles of the ancient sage , is Yao, Shun ; Six Classics contain rich content that treasure.

learning like the gentleman snakes, cicadas and other shelling as soon change. So he walked to emulate , emulate standing , sitting emulate what he put his face , to tell anything , what tone will follow. The good things do not leave , do not ask things drag overnight.

people who are good at learning things through thoroughly engage the truth , good people to work completely overcome the difficulties in work .

ambition to establish a gentleman does not work as it seems in trouble , even the emperor , Excellencies asked affairs , also based on a non- answer .

poor gentleman without loss of ambition , tired and not perfunctory , rather than face the scourge of abandoned seats usually say the words . Years is not cold , you do not know pine ; do not distress , you do not know the gentleman no day is not so.

rain , though small, but as usual the Han River flows into the dive . Try to collect tiny can become a huge accumulation of esoteric will become significant , highly moral people face attitude and moist, perfect man fame conduct pass too far . Villain inside to the outside , but bad faith to pursue reputation.

not commendable when speaking teacher called rebels , not commendable departure from the teacher called when teaching . Betrayal of teachers who do not accept the wise monarch , scholar within the court he did not hit the road and talk to him .

enough people in action , often exaggerated. In terms of credit is not enough people, often bombastic . "Spring " Praise the oral agreement between each other , and the " Book of Songs" entered into a covenant repeatedly criticized their intentions are the same. People

good research governance "poetry " of the people do not make commentary , research and good governance , " easy" is not divine , good research governance "ceremony" people do not assist salute , their intentions are the same.

Zeng said: " filial say is that people can hear, that people can do is say look people can listen to , is used to make people happy afar ; do. people can see , is to make people happy near . near people happy will come close, distant people will be happy to join themselves . so near and distant people to get close to people to join themselves , which is . comply with the principle of filial "

Zeng go, Yan Zi followed to the outskirts , said:" Yan Ying heard the words: ' Mini gentleman who use words , people who use the Get property ,' I Yan Ying poverty is no property , please let me posing as a gentleman , take your words to be presented to : wagon wheels , Tarzan was originally on wood , place it in the shaper , after three months on the cause , then it is leather wrapped wheel car breaks down, it will not be restored to its original shape it. gentleman tools for the seating arrangement , can not be treated with caution , ah, be careful to treat it ! Lanzhi , manuscripts and other herbs , if immersed in honey and rum , and it should be replaced once worn upright monarch if soaked in flavored liqueur -like sweet , the prisoner will be calumny . gentleman getting ready for the environment , can not be treated with caution ah . "

people to learn the study of ancient literature classics , like jade for pondering the same. "Poetry ," says: . " Like treatment of bone wear ivory , jade carving millstone is like " That 's scholarship ah. Bian and Bi, the village was originally fixed latch wedge stones, craftsmen carved jade processing it, has become the world 's treasures. Zigong , Zi , originally shallow people affected by the classics of literature , to comply with propriety , the world has become one of the few celebrities.

learn to ask not satisfied , hobby writers do not get tired , that's treasure.

gentleman puzzled not say , do not ask do not ever say . The long road , an increase of knowledge every day .

know a lot but nothing special hobby , learning is very broad and there is no one main direction , likes to learn and not a lot of people to determine the target , not a gentleman , and his lips. When

teenagers do not read , do not make statements when the prime of life , even if the qualification can be, can not have success.

gentleman focused exclusively professors, students set their mind to learn, can quickly achievements .

entry into the official gentleman , can increase the monarch's honor and to reduce people's suffering . And in order to stay on no official position , is deception ; monarch population unhelpful and enjoy generous salary, is theft .

people who do not necessarily have to learn to be an official , but an official who must go to learn.

Zi Gong asked Confucius said : "I am tired of learning , I hope to serve the rest monarch ." Confucius said: " " Poetry , "says: ' sooner or later, gentle and respectful , serious and cautious ' ? serve the monarch is not easy, to serve the monarch how you can break it , " Zi Gong said: ." this is the case , then I hope to take a break to serve parents , " Confucius said:" "Poetry ," says: ' filial filial of endless , never give you the same . person ' ? serve parents is not easy, how parents can serve the rest of it , " Zi Gong said:" this is the case , then I hope to break his wife and children there , " Confucius said : " . " poem" goes : ' give his wife as an example . ? , then affected brothers , family and the state of governance in order 'and the wife and children together is not easy, the wife and children there how you can break it , " Zi Gong said:" this is the case , then I hope to break a friend out there . " Confucius said: " " Poetry , "says: ? ' phase auxiliary among friends , that are used to help etiquette ' and friends is not easy, the friend how you can break it ," Zi Gong said: " this is the case , then I hope rest down to the farm , " Confucius said:" "Poetry ," says: ' During the day going to mow the grass , rubbing rope to rub a good night , and hurried Gordon house repair the roof , but also began to sow . ' farming is not easy, how can rest farming ? it " Zi Gong said:" ? this is the case , then I have no place to rest it "Confucius said:" that grave afar , like high Peak -like look, Ding Ge -like look, you see this Regarding the rest of the place that " Zi Gong said:" ! death Well , it may make a large gentleman rest, but also the rest of the villains "

" MAK " loving sex, explain it . the ancient said: "The desire to satisfy its good faith without deviant enduring solid stone and metal can be unchanged compared to its music can go into the ancestral temple . ." " Lesser " author decadent monarch is not used he retired and is on the official position of inferiority , they hate the political , and thus miss the past , " Xiaoya " rhetoric full of literary , musical with a plaintive mood.

country will flourish , they must respect teachers and value the master ; respect teachers and value the master , then testimonies can be maintained . Countries are ready to die , they must despise and belittle the master teacher ; despise and belittle the master teacher , then the people will have heart presumptuous ; person with unbridled heart, then the testimonies will be destroyed.

ancient civilians to five -year-old to an official ; and the son of the emperor and princes of nineteen -year-old held the crown ceremony was held after the crown ceremony governance affairs , it is because they are an excellent education sake ah.

attracted admiration for gentlemen , that is the ideal student ; students of this ideal is not teaching, is unlucky . For people who are not attracted to love a gentleman , it is not the ideal student ; This is not ideal for students to teach , is to give food thief , robber lend the weapon .

not self- aware of their lack of virtue who speak too often exaggerated . The ancient sage , too lowly to be civilians, poor people have to be ; Eat Well even porridge is not enough, even the thing to wear sackcloth and incomplete ; But if you do not follow ritual to promote him , he will not become an official entry into ; If you do not follow the moral thing to him , he would not accept the ; rhetoric which would take this approach ?

Zi Xia poverty, rags hanging , like the quail . Some people say : "Why not official ? " Zi Xia said: "The princes disdain for me, I do not do his courtiers ; doctor disdain for me, I did not see him and guard the back door Liuxia people wearing the same tattered . clothes without being suspected , this is not a rumor a day . compliments like to seize the nail and lost his hand . "

ruling monarch of people can not accidentally select powerhouse courtiers , civilians powerhouse can not accidentally select friends. Friend is used to help each other . If pursued a different principle , what to do to help each other ? The straw evenly paved and lit , the fire is always on a dry firewood to burn off ; on flat land irrigation , water always flows to the humid lowlands go . That kind of things like this with each other in accordance with a significant , according to friends to observe the people, there is nothing to doubt ? Select friends, and others friendship , not without caution , which is the basis of the achievements of virtue ah. "Poetry ," says: "Do not help carts to move forward, dust and fog will dirty the body ." This is not to say that the villain along ah.

wait fraud spy on people , it seems wise and not wise . Weak and could easily be forced to change ideas, like kindness and not mercy. And like the fierce battle reckless , like the brave and not brave.

love, morality , etiquette, good deeds for people, analogy, is like the relationship between money, food and family the same: to have it on more affluent , less to own it on poverty , and no embarrassment on . So the event will not dry , not trivial to do this is to abandon the country to discard its own way ah.

all things are somewhat before the advent of virtue . With the emergence of something yourself , this is the return to their own thing.

gossip , to destroy it ; money and sex, far from it . The root of evil upon which generated occur in those tiny place. So the gentleman eliminate the scourge of early signs .

real people talking , the suspect being present in Que . No doubt that no advice had not said.

sensible people things very clear , very well versed on the affair , we can not disloyal to go serve a wise man ah. So said: "For a gentleman , it is difficult to make him happy, do not go through the proper way to make him happy , he is not happy ."

saying goes: " a rolling ball rolled concave pit stops , gossip encounter wise man was stayed . " That is why private Confucian those words and evil doctrines abomination . No doubt is right or wrong decision , use old things to measure it with a newly thing to test it, use it to examine the fairness opinion , gossip will therefore cease, evil remarks will therefore die.

Zeng have leftover fish , said: "Put it together with other vegetable mix ." His students said: " mix it will hurt the human body , it is better then boil it a bit. " Zeng said in tears :" I do it with ulterior motives , " too late to feel sad for myself heard such a thing ? .

not to deal with their own weaknesses strengths of others , so to cover up and avoid their weaknesses, accommodate and comply with their own specialty. Mastery clever without law degrees, and insisted on the truth behind eloquent view of evil eccentric , courageous and sub- righteousness, which is an abomination to the gentleman .

saying much rather meet the testimonies, is a saint ; saying less and meet the testimonies, that gentleman ; say say no less legitimate degrees but still indulge indulge in them, even eloquent, but also little people .

national laws prohibiting pick someone lost belongings , which is an abomination to people accustomed to not obtaining property by birthright . With that moral birthright , that swept the world and it will be able to govern ; no moral birthright , so that only a wife and a concubine , also made a mess .

the world , although their own unique views , but there is also something common praise . Talk about delicious all praise Yi Ya , talk about music all praise Shikuang , talk about politics all praise the Three Kings . Now that identified three kings testimonies, made ritual system and pass them down, if not complied with and be changed and re- engage in their own set , and change Yiya seasoning that change Shikuang What is the difference of temperament it? Without the testimony of the Three Kings , the world ranging from moments will lost, ranging from national moment will be destruction.

only drink water and eat something , is cicada ; do not drink and do not eat , are ephemera .

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