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A figure of lace front toupee

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A sum of coincidences determined Moria participation in this show. His role was played brilliantly by Pepe Cibrian Campoy since its debut in February to Sunday pasado. But the artist most resigned because they resisted the physical demands of the work, and who had to find his replacement.

It had to be a figure of lace front toupee. Moria had begun to make a cameo a few weeks earlier, in the role first embodied Mirta Wons, who left the cast began recording because Violetta and then Georgina Barbarossa. That character was younger, single and hilarious scene. So when had to find Bernadette, production decided to give the role to Moria.

Priscilla tells the story of hair direction who travel on a particular bus (named Priscilla) through the Australian desert to the city where the young son of one of them live, and all the adventures that touches you face along the way, as a road movie.

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The hilarious performance by Juan Gil Navarro, hilarious with his character, Adam, and the most emotional moments in the hands of talented Alejandro Paker provoked a flood of applause. But tonight, the crowd was Moria. Each time it appeared on the scene, a little cry of Vicky or Stefi was heard, or both - gives equal.

If this style is too elaborate and looking for something simpler to achieve and maintain, another hairstyle to hide inputs is to leave a little long and comb it upwards, causing the attention is focused on a stylish hairstyle and not in the area that want to hide. This option is perfect for those men with tickets but still have plenty of hair.

In the market there are many products to mask the inputs to provide a kind of make-up for this area. If you intend to use some of these alternatives, it is best to read the directions before applying for a natural effect.

There were fans who followed them since they arrived at Lola Membrives theater, around 20, until hair replacement systems wholesale. But the talk was Moria, no doubt, and his uncomfortable role in this work: her character is a transvestite, and the question that is installed immediately beyond good, fair or poor despite its interpretation, it does seem or not a transvestite. Are we all know the truth behind the blonde wig: is Moria Casan.

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