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The secret habits of the seriously stylish

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 We all know a Stylista. She is your local style sure-shot with more than just a covetable wardrobe and maxed-out credit card. She exudes polish, knows the power of a red lipstick and has a talent for great shoes. She embodies relaxed glamour, timeless style and innate chic, and pulls the whole lot off without any apparent effort. How does she do it, and more importantly, how can you?

Tweak, twist and pop!

For the Stylista, it's not what you wear it's how you tweak it. A shirt isn't chic without a deliberate half-tuck, popped collar, and artfully turned cuff. It is no accident her oversized vintage watch is showcased by that perfectly cropped cuff and inky blue nail; it was planned that way. The Stylista never just throws on her jeans. She wears them very deliberately; often low on the hip and pin rolled at the ankle. Her too-long belt is not concealed. It is twisted and turned just-so, making it the focal point of her outfit. For the Stylista, it's the tweaking, twisting and popping of each piece that catapults her from plain old stylish to super-chic.

Carine Roitfeld with bed hair.

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Wear a jacket

The Stylista always incorporates a touch of structure in her look. Regardless of the occasion, temperature or ensemble, she adds a touch of tailoring – a trench coat to jeans, a blazer with shorts or an anorak with a cocktail dress. It's what gives her polish, a sharp fashion edge and completes her look.

Dress on the down low

Nothing spells "no style" like over-styling. The Stylista always practises restraint, taking care not to overdress, particularly when it comes to a red carpet stroll or a posh party. Rather than roll out the finery, she opts for denim, styling it up with a sexy silk shirt, glittery blazer and plush velvet brogues. A chic dress is paired with blockbuster heels and no jewellery, while her man-style tuxedo's perfect accoutrements are a matte red lip and a sexy slingback.

Invest fashionably

In her style bible, chic doesn't equal extravagance, and as such, she would rather blow her cash on one beautiful blazer than three cheap ones. To her, shopping is a serious affair and should be performed with care. Everything in her wardrobe must earn its keep and hold it's own. As such, she spends her money on perennial fashion classics and updates them with clever inexpensive buys.

Shoes shoes shoes

The Stylista understands the superpowers of a fabulous shoe and elevates each outfit with something surprising. Why wear black court shoes when you can wear patent leather cut-out pumps? She revives her classic little black dress with navy suede booties and adds leopard-print pumps to boyfriend jeans. If she had to choose one wardrobe item to save from a house fire it would be them. Shoes matter.

Mix it up

The Stylista is queen of the mash-up. She is expert at mixing juxtaposing styles ensuring her look is always exciting. A prim ladylike dress is worn with a fierce sexy shoe, while a Balenciaga handbag looks youthful used as a gym bag. She mixes prints with abandon and confidence - floral and tartan, print and plaid, spots and stripes, and adds jolts of the unexpected, like a dark vampy lip, a hit of fur or slash of patent to add depth and layers to her look.

Leave one element undone

The key to looking effortless is imperfection. The Stylista always leaves one element of her look undone and dressed-down. She wears diamonds with denims and flat sandals with satin. Smudgy eye make-up gives instant youth to a grown-up evening frock, and bed hair is always best for black tie.

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