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Hair extensions series: Tapes

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We navigate the different hair extensions available. This week: tapes.

Earlier this year model Chrissy Teigen called out female celebs who don't admit that their hair is fake, and happily confessed that 90 per cent of hers is not real.

"Everybody has them," she told Refinery 29 of hair extensions. "When I first got them, I had no idea how many people had them on the red carpet.

"I don't know why people want to pretend that they have this natural full hair. I've just never cared about it for some reason -- I have no idea why people are so secretive about it. Honestly, I can't even answer that, it's just so silly to me."

Whether you opt for clip-ins or permanent faux locks, having hair extensions is a great way to give hair a boost.

If you're after long lasting extensions, there are quite a few options to choose from. We spoke to hair hero Stephanie Pollard at her London studio about one of the newest innovations in hair lengthening: tapes.

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These are pre-taped wefts of hair that bond into your own locks. They blend in seamlessly, for a natural look.

"These are much finer then extensions that you can spot are extensions," Stephanie told Cover Media. "They're very secure too."

Her favourite brand to work with is Zen, which produces hair of the highest quality and use medical grade gel adhesive.

Two colours were chosen for my hair, then piece by piece, my own locks were sandwiched in between the two tapes. The whole process took little over an hour - which is like lightening in hair extension terms.

"The benefits of Zen's tapes are they're very quick and easy to apply. They're reusable, so you can take them out and have them re-taped and are much more affordable in comparison to individual bonds," Stephanie listed.

"Styling wise you can tong them, you can do more or less anything to them. Also you don't feel them at the roots, so if anyone touches you hair they won't really feel it."

We can also confirm they wash really well and dry fairly easily.

The downsides include not lasting as long as bonds, with clients being able to wear them for two to three months before they need re-doing. Also they haven't brought out a variation for curly hair yet, though this is being developed.

"I would 100 per cent recommend them. I have a lot of people who hum and haw over them. But if you see how they're done and talk to people who have them they relax.

"Obviously I think hair extensions are great. Even if you have a bad haircut, they can help. Sometimes you can just fill in sections, like at the front, to make a difference. Or to help with a strong edgy look with a bob," Stephanie explained.

Zen landed in the UK in October, but with over 35 years as leading experts in the industry the brand well deserves the praise it's receiving.

"Zen Hair uses a source guaranteed to be from 100 per cent Virgin Hair. Our careful selection of the finest Remy hair, together with the world's most advanced processing techniques, ensures that the extensions perform exactly like your own natural hair," Zen told Cover Media.

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