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Teen entrepreneur launches line of fashion rings

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Fourteen-year-old Miya Dionne’s passion for fashion led her to launch Twine Designs, a jewelry company that designs TicTocRings, a line of tween girls’ fashion watch rings.

Miya, who comes from humble beginnings, became inspired to become an entrepreneur after she and her family suffered misfortune in early 2014 when she was only 13 years old.

Miya’s mother, a single mother of two, lost her job as an administrative assistant. Because her mother’s unemployed status conflicted with public housing requirements, Miya and her family had to soon vacate their apartment and lost their only means of transportation.

She and her family then moved into a hotel and lived there for a short time using her mother’s limited savings. Shortly after, Miya and her family moved in with a member of their church after her mother’s savings became depleted.

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TicTocRings were born after Miya decided she was going to change her family’s predicament. She decided to start a fashion jewelry business with her aunt who was thinking of either watches or rings.

Miya then came up with the idea of combining both the watch and ring, which would breathe life to a new jewelry piece that combined both novelty and fashion.

“I wanted to create a piece of jewelry for tweens that I could add my own artistry to,” Miya explained.

After her aunt had three prototypes made, Miya choose the ring that would allow her to incorporate her original art designs. It was her goal to appeal to every girl’s unique personality and sense of style, with designed themes ranging from hearts, butterflies, peace signs and initials.

Miya’s willingness to learn the promotion and marketing aspects of her business helped to get her product into the marketplace quickly. Miya made her first email sales pitch to a manufacturing representative called Toy Travelers International in High Point, North Carolina. The company’s reps quickly requested samples of the watch rings after seeing the photos Miya included.

Miya has since acquired several other manufacturing reps using her unique style of sales pitching via email. She said she is working to build a strong and financially sound business so that in the future, she will be able to offer her jewelry line to major retailers.

Miya said she believes in the “pay it forward” concept and donates 15 percent of her profits to local charities. As a Christian, she said she believes in sharing her blessings.

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