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Bridal Bliss: Cadesha and Tramaine's Georgia Wedding

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Bridal Bliss: Cadesha and Tramaine's Georgia Wedding

Bride: Cadesha West, 29, Attorney

Groom: Tramaine Jehovah, 30, Personal Fitness & Sports Trainer

Wedding Date: May, 24, 2015

Location: Wyndham Peachtree Hotel

All In The Plan

TJ and Cadesha met in 2010 on an evening when she went out with a friend. They were fated to meet that night because going out on a study week was not something law student Cadesha believed in, but on that particular evening she decided to break her own rule.

Cadesha and Tramaine Bridal Bliss

“It was study week before law school final exams started,” she recalls. “I had been studying the entire day for exams and for some reason my friend and I decided at the very last minute to go out for drinks.” Cadesha was at the bar ordering a drink when the guy next to her (TJ) tried out what she describes as a “corny” pick up line on her. “He complemented me on my lips of all things!” she jokes.

“I said thank you and turned to walk away without thinking anything else of it and he asked me for my number. Because he wasn’t rude, I gave him my number.” To this day, they still laugh about the moment they met and sparks flew because Cadesha usually gave out fake phone numbers to strangers in bars. “For some reason, I blurted out my real number,” she adds. “It must have been the universe’s plan for me to meet TJ because I wasn’t supposed to go out that night and he definitely wasn’t supposed to get my phone number!”

Can We Have Forever?

Cadesha had once mentioned causally to TJ that she wanted to see the Christmas light display at the Botanical Gardens the year he proposed.

“I never thought we would go because that’s not his thing,” she tells us. A couple of weeks later, TJ told her they were headed to the gardens. “I was a little surprised and I got really suspicious when he suggested I wear a certain dress,” says Cadesha. When they arrived at the Gardens the scene was absolutely beautiful with lights and lots of romance. She started thinking that he might propose, especially since he was kind of rushing them through the gardens.

They left and he hadn’t proposed. “I let the idea of him proposing go,” she adds. They got lost riding around town and it looked like TJ was looking for somewhere to go. They pulled up to a place with people in Christmas costumes in front and Cadesha made a face indicating she didn’t want to go in. He quickly changed their plans and they went to dinner nearby. It was there at the restaurant that he proposed with a beautiful speech. She was so moved. On their way home he told her that he’d planned to propos at the lounge they almost went to put her face made him change his mind. He wanted the evening to be perfect!

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Bridal Bliss Cadesha and Tramaine s Georgia Wedding |

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