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 Would one piece pirateking mind telling us some of your future plans for One Piece Online? The team worked extremely hard for over six months to make sure that everything was in place and worked smoothly when we finally performed the merges. In order to balance the population across all servers and offer everyone that same memorable experience, it meant that we had to perform some limited server merges.

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There are only so many places you can build a house, after all. While One Piece Online is a free-to-play MMO (with in-game purchases), there's also Founder's Packs which grant players stat bonuses, a glider and other in-game benefits for a one-time fee of $50 to $150. One of the bonuses they granted was also guaranteed entry in the closed betas as well as constant alpha access. In nicer One Piece Online-related news, two new servers are open starting today: Aier for Europe and Inoch for North America, to keep up with skyrocketing demand. The content teams have already been working on seasonal events that haven't yet been implemented in North America and Europe and some future updates that include One Piece Online Update 2.5. Update 2.5 has some great changes and additions for the Arena, like 3v3 fights, a mode that turns off consumables, and more. These founders packs were called the Silver, Gold and Archaeum packs. But merging means two things: removing everyone's houses from the landscape and opening the servers to a rush of players attempting to reclaim their land.
It's griefing on a grand scale! in game - but they will be subject to robbers and raiders at all times.  It's up to you to build alliances to protect what's yours. The downside of this is that some players that kept their land going for months may have lost it due to the merger and being away when the servers came back up, allowing others to take it first.

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