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Photographers confess what they are REALLY thinking on your wedding day

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Photographers confess what they are REALLY thinking on your wedding day

Wedding photographers are a crucial element at every wedding - each of them responsible for capturing one of the biggest and most important moments of a couple's life.

Most of them blend into the background on the day, quietly snapping away as they capture candid and beautiful moments for couples to look back on later.

But what they are thinking throughout the day is often kept to themselves...until now.

FEMAIL has spoken to a number of wedding photographers who have shared a few of the thoughts that run through their mind during the day - some positive and others not so complementary.


Although hired to take photos on the big day, the photographers are often working for up to 12 hours.

Keep sunset free: Mr Day says couples should keep sunset free from speeches and important formalities as it can be the best time for photos 

'Wedding days are long days. As a photographer we don’t always have the ability to bring food or have much time to stop,' James Day, from James Day Photography, told Daily Mail Australia.

'We love being fed, and we especially love being fed earlier in the night if we’re to be picky, rather than just as we are about to leave (if there was any food left over)... I for one really appreciate that you’ve gone to the expense to pay for my meal, so I just want to make sure I can enjoy it.'

Another photographer, who wished to remain anonymous, said she has been 'so hungry everything hurt,' and wasn't even given a seat at the reception.

'It's like, "cool we'll eat in the closet",' she said.


'Yes I've thought this, and yes the couple has broken up,' one of the photographers said.

Michael Martin from MM Photos added that it's usually quite clear whether or not a couple will last after the wedding.

'I can really tell if a couple are in love or just going through the motions of getting married as its the thing to do,' Mr Martin said.

'If they are in love, I'm thinking "How cute are they, my heart skips a beat!!"'


Many of the photographers found that as the night goes on, guests become ruder and increasingly invasive.

'To all the drunk guests that become close talkers at the reception, please get out of my bubble,' one of the photographers said.

'And please stop treating me like a servant...like when a bossy mother of the bride helicopters you in to taking photos of pointless things.'


Photographers are becoming increasingly frustrated at the presence of dozens of iPhones in their beautifully framed shots.

'We’ve heard it all before, but consider asking your guests to leave their cameras/iPads and iPhones down during the ceremony,' Mr Day said.

'Plus it may encourage them to truly be present and allow you to see their beautiful smiling faces instead of the back of an iPad screen.'


Many photographers secretly love it when it is raining or overcast on the big day - although some brides would agree with beautiful rainy wedding snaps recently rising in popularity.

'Some people still seem to think that they need to be in the sun for the photos to be beautiful,' Mr Day said, 'generally however, being in the shade with the filtered late afternoon sun to your back is ideal.'

'When you have cloudy or slightly overcast skies it distributes beautiful even light,' Nicole Ashley, from Nicole Ashley Photography said.

'With clear skies and a heavy sun you get really harsh shadows. So photographers love overcast skies.'


Mr Martin said he recently shot a wedding where the bride was so 'stressed out and disorganised' that she looked stressed in the photos.

'This is a good example of what NOT to be like on your big day,' he said.

'Can you smile? This is supposed to be a happy and special day!'

'Consider giving your bridesmaids and groomsmen some freedom or flexibility as to what they wear to your wedding as well,' Mr Day said.

'Perhaps give the ladies some fabric as inspiration and ask them to find something (or have something made) that fits within that style. All too often we see Bridesmaids who are unhappy wearing a dress that they don’t feel flatters them.'


Wedding photographers are hired - usually - because they are good at their jobs...so it is frustrating when guests continuously tell them how to do their jobs.

'Photographers want to off themselves when people say "Oh you can just photoshop that out right?"' One of the photographers said.

They also like to be included or updated in the day's schedule so they can have some input in how it plays out.

'Ask your photographer to look over your tentative schedule when you’re in planning mode.'

'They’ll be able to guide you through how much time things might typically take and make sure that there’s plenty of time for you to relax too!'

Mr Day says couples should keep sunset free from speeches and important formalities as it can be the best time for photos.

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Photographers confess what they are REALLY thinking on your wedding day |

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