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Ice cream Brighton: origins and importation, from Arabia to England

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Ice cream Brighton: origins and importation, from Arabia to England
Ice cream. That’s the word of our interest. Everybody knows the tasty and the pleasure that this meal can give to you, but where the “gelato” comes from? And how he could extend in the world passing from Ice cream Italia to Ice cream Brighton?
Ice cream is a frozen food, usually eaten as a snack or dessert. Is made from dairy products, the base of this meal is milk and cream, in the modern way, combined with other ingredients like fruits or other. The mixture is stirred to incorporate air space and cooled below the freezing point of water; this process is made to prevent detectable ice crystal from forming. A smooth, is result semi-solid foam, at very low temperatures.
At the origins, ice cream was certainly different; probably in antiquity, people use to put fruit, milk and honey to create nutritious foods, in such a way to conserve them for long periods. A European studies support the theory of the iced milk from the Neanderthal populations. Afterwards Arabic populations, imported the sugar in Sicily, and this is the real beginning of the gelato creation. Arabian use to prepare infuse made with water, sugar, herbs and spices; those ingredients composed the base of the food that we call Sorbet. This tradition was imported in Sicily, where you could find glacier on the Sicilian Apennine; natural or made by humans, they used those ice to sell it in the spring and summer periods. That it become the place for start the creation of ice cream.  
But how is possible that the ice cream passed in a very quick way to be from ice cream Italia ( more precisely ice cream Sicily), to ice cream Brighton? The Italian origins are certainly real, but the introduction of ice cream in France made him famous in the all Europe. Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, Sicilian cook, was the first that, in 1686 could make the perfect mix that today the entire world knows. He started to use sugar instead of honey, and the ice cream came to Paris where he opened the Café Procope, the first real ice cream shop. 
Louis XVI gave to Procopio the complete exclusive for those kind if sweets, and in few time it become the most famous literary café in Europe, the customers wasn’t just actors and actress, but moreover intellectuals, philosophers, writers like Voltaire, George Sand Balzac, Victor Hugo, Napoleon ( which a night left his precious corn because he hasn’t enough money to pay).
After become famous in Paris, the Italian ice cream become famous in all the Europe and he arrived to UK, and English people started to love it. In the modern time the ice cream is sold in large quantity in all the UK from the North to the south where you can find touristic places which the ice cream, known even like gelato, become renowned with name of ice cream England or ice cream Brighton.   

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