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One Piece Ultimate War: Straw Hats Split For Different Missions?

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 There could be a hint somewhere in previous chapters, readers of the One Piece Ultimate War manga believed. In his fight with Luffy and Law, Doflamingo had previously mentioned about a secret regarding Mariejois. This means that there will still be no One Piece 821 as it will still be on hiatus. In the One Piece community forum Oro Jackson, user Zaitochi has an interesting take about Oden being the last of the race of men who knows all about the Void Century.

One Piece Ultimate War

They would also learn more about Gonosei. However, we cannot be sure and this is one of the things we hope will be exposed when One Piece Chapter 822 comes out! One Piece fans also pitched their different predictions of the new arc. After enjoying a two-week hiatus, the critically acclaimed manga series finally returns with a beginning of an all-new saga, and along with it, is a powerful new enemy. If Mariejois would be the final destination for the Strawhat Pirates to go to complete the four poneglyphs, it would mean they will get the chance to save the slaves on the island from the Admirals. Continue reading at the risk of being spoiled. Lastly, the Wanted Versus mode is basically the venue for players to improve their mastery on every character in the game. Due to his interest on stone mason, he decided to set sail together with Roger Pirates to find Raftel. This was a pivotal moment in the previous chapter. Orojackson reveals in its discussion board spoilers for the new saga. Definitely, one of those guys is a strawhat, who is likely Zoro.
And this secret could be that the place holds the fourth poneglyph, it said. Strawhat crew was preparing to go rescue Sanji, but were then told that Jack was returning to the island, as written in our report. The main question is what kind of secret could it be?

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