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the Met Gala is a real fashion show

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Stuff the Oscars, the Met Gala is a real fashion show

Ah the Met Gala. A fashion writer's favourite event of the year. It's the only time celebrities are dressed in what the designers want them to wear, instead of stylists, and the end result is sometimes brilliant, sometimes hilarious, but always interesting. And that, dear fashion friends, is a refreshing change to what is becoming more and more of a bland, safe red carpet all year round.

The theme this year was Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology, roughly translated as what we'll be wearing in the future. So, what exactly is that?


So much silver. In the future, apparently, silver will be our go to colour, with all the key celebrities including Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Poppy Delevigne, Rita Ora and more, decked out in some form of shiny metallic fabric. There was everything from sequins to chain mail and Ora's dazzling display of feathers. Yes folks, the colour of the future is decidedly shiny.

J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons, Girls show runner Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham attend the

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And our lips will be almost black, because … robots? Stormtroopers? They were the standout trend of the night. Taylor Swift wears them well and is getting more comfortable with her new edgy look, and Rose Byrne used them to toughen up her pretty, frilly dress but Katy Perry just looked like a severe military headmistress ready to crack her whip at someone.


If you're wondering what boots to buy this season, make them ¾ ankle with a chunky heel and sole. Queen of the look was Lady Gaga, but hers were extreme and I have a sneaky feeling she is really from the future, so don't think you have to go to her lengths. Selena Gomez and Jennifer Connelly proved you can wear them with either a short dress or a long one. They'll also go with those cropped pants you bought in summer and won't know what to do with this winter.


Thankfully, in the future we're also allowed to be romantic, if the frocks from Kate Hudson, Rose Byrne and Blake Lively were anything to go by. Flouncy dresses with layers of chiffon or cascading ruffles in pretty pastels streamed up the red carpet, showing the future is not all about a harsh look.


I'm not sure there'll be any gardens in the year 3000, but flowers certainly will feature on dresses. Zoe Saldana had an enormous 10 metre train bouquet trailing behind her, and Kim Kassel wore huge (about 50cm) flowers on the bottom half of her dress. The 3D factor keeps it high end. Don't just think a floral print will cut it, this is the future after all.


The white dress brigade was out in full force. Think long gowns with a slash split like Margot Robbie or a low back like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but the winner was Emma Stone who wore a gladiator-style belt over hers.


OK so Beyonce was the only one who chose to go as a futuristic human, but she nailed this look so spectacularly it had to be mentioned. Nude latex represented skin while feminine pearls were dotted over the dress, clearly proving the future is not all about machines. Cue sighs of relief all round.

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