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To record video from your DV camera

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To record video from your DV camera

With Exsate DV Capture copy videos from their DV camera quickly and easily. Upon request, the program divides the video in scenes and transforms them into a space-saving format. You can download the English program under www.exsate.com/products/dvcapture/ free.
The program recognizes the connected via FireWire camcorder automatically. DV Capture though sometimes indicates the video was filmed in the American NTSC standard, but it saves normal German PAL. Thats how it works:
Select the video a hard disk with dozens of gigabytes of free space. The file system should be NTFS. When you start DV Capture Live, a welcome window where you initially enter a project name and click "Next" appears. The next window looks a bit complicated. Under "Capture mode" at which points begin and end the recording on the tape is to:
From the beginning to the current position,
From the current position to the end of the recording,
the whole band,
an interval of up,
or dubbing manually.
The file format (output file format) DV AVI is the most appropriate, because in this format no quality is lost and you can process the video material well in an editing program, for example in Lightworks.
Exsate DV Capture can divide the shooting in scenes when they tick "Capture to multiple files". You can also start recording and let the PC then alone: ​​The program on the PC on request after recording (Options: Shutdown ...). During recording should not run other programs that load the PC.
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