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Smartwatches need more functions and features to be worth

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We tested the main models available in the market and saw that despite the good performance to offset the high investment they still need more functions and technological resources. See which evaluated best.
Technology products are up and the launch of the new market is frequent. We tested nine models of smartwatchs and saw that before you buy, you need to analyze your needs and decide if it is worth paying dearly for a product to date, it is only a shortcut to some functions of your smartphone.
Apple, the models evaluated in the test were: Apple Watch 42 mm (R $ 4,499.10); Apple Watch 38 mm (R $ 4,139.10); Apple Watch Sport 42mm (R $ 2,969.10); Apple Watch Sport 38mm (R $ 2,609.10). Besides these, we also evaluated models: Samsung Gear S (R $ 1,214.19); LG Watch Urbane (R $ 1,187.12); Sony SmartWatch 3 (R $ 1,399.99); Motorola Moto 360 (R $ 1,099.00) and Garmin VivoActive (R $ 1,219.80).
Performance of some models is weak
In performance testing almost all models were considered acceptable. The exception was the models Moto 360 and Garmin, which in clock function - the most important in these devices - have not fared well.
Garmin has few options customizations and Moto 360 is not easy to customize without using the smartphone. Furthermore, two models of processors and lock are quite weak compared to the other products tested.
Most disappointed with battery life
The battery evaluation the only one who was considered good was the VivoActive of Garmin. All other models when in heavy use, did not complete one-day. The battery life is essential, and the smartwatch needs to be recharger every day, end up losing the convenience and mobility.
The models of Apple and Motorola are loaded by an induction base, that is, to get close to a base devices have begun charging.
Motorola has more discreet model
We also evaluate the size and weight of the machine. Garmin, the lightest model weighs just 38g, while the heaviest was the Apple Watch 42mm with 78g, but all were considered mild.
As for size, Apple models, LG and Motorola are less prominent on the wrist and resemble a conventional clock. The model from Samsung, the Gear S is one of the largest due to its large screen, and may be disproportionate in people with thinner wrist....
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