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Pebble Time - new champion Kick

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Pebble Time - the second version of the best at the moment, smart watches launched for Kickstarter and just explodes money. For the first half an hour was to raise $ 1 million for the hour is $ 3 million. And the clock is worth it to pay for them. And this despite the fact that in April should leave Apple Watch.
New Pebble completely redesigned user interface and interaction made it even more convenient. Key pieces of hours:
Now to fit any watch straps 22 mm
Pebble become 20% thinner
The watch came in microphone for quick entries and responses to notifications
They still waterproof
Glass Gorilla Glass protected steel piping
New magnetic charge
color display
To seven working days between recharging
Curved to the shape of the hand body
Three kinds of colors for the body (black, red, white)
And now take a closer look, what this watch so special.
I already did the first review the Pebble, then went Pebble Steel, which looked more serious its first version, but were more expensive at $ 100, with essentially no different from its predecessors. But the watch smart - a completely new product, which left only the old ideology.
Immediately it should be noted that the Pebble longer look plastic Chinese hours of childhood. The steel frame and glass Gorilla Glass look good. Although now they are not allocated to compare with the design of other smart watches.
Pebble got a color display, which also works on electronic ink technology that allows you to extend the operating time on a single charge up to 7 days than dumbness boast of any one competitor. And Apple's rumored clock will generally hold only 7 hours. Where once there was talk already, whether Apple Watch will be able to compete with the Pebble Steel, but now the fight will iti with a completely different product. Pebble also remain the only smart watches that work with all operating systems (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone).
I have already remarked that the clock began to look much better. The manufacturer is already out of the startup stage to the stage of large-scale manufacturer of smart watches. When run on the Pebble Kickstarter for the second time, they were not looking for zhiznennoneobhodimogo funding, and given the opportunity to get your audience watches earlier and cheaper than the rest. It is a kind of tribute. By the way, those who were Baker in the first draft the Pebble, with the support and the second project will receive Pebble Time with special engraving.
Returning to the display and display, we note that the hours are much better interact with the user. Static flipping through the screens and tasks that used to "loose", as eReader, new Pebble replaced by a dynamic animation. This is clearly seen in the demo.

Fonte notizia: http://www.wiseupshop.com/digital-door-viewer.html

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