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How many times have I freaked seeing my wig move

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Today I will evoke a sensitive subject: wigs, lace wig and other hair additions. There was a time when I wanted to change my head and have a cut, a style that I could not necessarily afford with my hair texture / length. Yes I wanted voluminous hair, long and smooth [that fly in the wind ^^] like Rihanna, Beyoncé and other Afro-American stars! And I was also tired of having to stretch the step of straightening every 3 months OR the after smoothing with iron, for a thing that lasts maximum 5 days and leaves to the slightest drop of water! So I started with braids with additions and then seeing that I assumed to have false hair on the head [: p] I bought my first wig then others ... Unfortunately, some time after doing my Big Chop, I ended up not assuming and that for several reasons ...

Colored girls with real long hair do not run the streets yet [but it's changing youpi! :)], so if you see one with long hair up to the buttocks, you can be sure to 80% that it is Brazilian hair. It is generally super nice even magnificent sometimes, but must not be hypocritical, we know that it is fake [well not his what]. So how could I continue to bear it with this permanent thought? I assumed for a while because my hair was fucked, but since I found my natural mane, I no longer feel the need to cover them with other hair. I want to make clear that I do not judge the girls who do it, because I did it for 3 years [and it's clear that it works well!], The essential thing is to have enough charisma / To make you forget that you wear a wig / additions / extensions.

Do not be fooled, wigs / wigs / extensions of good quality in real brazilian hair and which give you a look of diva it has a cost and when you can not afford it, you have to turn to the hair in plastic "Of Barbie [" Chivé popote "in Creole ^^], which shines too much when they are new and become a real catastrophe once worn out. In short it does not dream!

How many times have I freaked seeing my wig move or take off by a false movement [: 'D]! Not being able to put his hand through his "hair" for fear of being stuck. Do not be able to scratch your head. Being uncomfortable because you hear people laughing near you but not knowing if it's due to your hair or not ... Oh yes! I've already seen braids in a corridor hair wigs, an elevator or an EIRP, a municipal swimming pool [Oh, a bag to vomit!]. And then pretend it 's your real hair knowing that people guess it' s fake [and do not hesitate to point it out to you]. In short too much headache, so I had only half pleasure to wear ...

In short, for me braids with additions it is finished, and for wigs if I have to re-wear one, it will be for photos but more daily!

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