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and the wig needs to be adjusted to your head

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There are a large number of different wigs, which are made by different methods and from hair or fibers of various provenances. Far from the antique wigs that were made from vegetable fibers or animal hair, today's models try to produce the illusion of natural hair, and they do extremely well. But in order for your wig to be truly undetectable, you have to follow a few rules depending on the type of wig you choose.

The most traditional wig slips from the front curly lace wigs, placing it low enough on the forehead before raising it about 4 fingers above the eyebrows. The brackets at the temples should then be correctly positioned and plated as much as possible. It is best to style the wig before wearing it, and then adjust the hairstyle on the head with your fingers rather than with a brush. Better also aerate it regularly to give it a better volume, especially if the wig is in natural hair.

If you choose to wear a lace wig, the laying process is a little different, and the wig needs to be adjusted to your head, depending on the size and shape of your skull. This is a prerequisite for achieving a harmonious result. Indeed, if the line of hair is not high enough or the lace does not have the proper size, you run right to the disaster. So prefer a lace wig on measure, whose lace corresponds to the color of your skin. Then position the wig correctly on the head just in front of the hair line (which should be perfectly clad back) and hold it with special glue or adhesive. Then arrange the little hair (baby hair) placed on the lace for a truly natural effect.

If you choose natural hair weaving, no question of posing it by yourself, and you will necessarily need to hire a professional hairdresser. Weaving is a method of hair extension that allows a very natural, and long lasting. It is to realize braids plated against the skull, then to sew extensions (or weaves) of hair on these braids, which then become completely invisible. By virtue of its almost permanent appearance (at least for a few weeks), the hair weaving must necessarily be maintained, under pain of itching or even bad odors caused by a proliferation of bacteria. You can use a soft moisturizing shampoo and proceed gently to avoid damaging the weaving, but ensuring that the product penetrates to the roots. Then you will take care to rinse abundantly and allow you to dry in the open air, or even with a hair dryer if your weaving is in natural hair. Wait until the hair is dry to comb.

The clip extension is for those who only want to lengthen hair. Realizable not itself, it is still advisable to turn to a professional to make them pose, so that the rendering is really natural. These extensions are placed over the hair to gain in length and in volume, and one can obtain very interesting results.

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