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Punk dress mostly from the leather, and many tend to wear men's wear, wearing metal jewelry,steampunk mask the body wearing a ragged, clothing can reflect a class, punk-style clothing, thinking do not like the pursuit of popular, very Creativity, showing that their personality will be rebellious, protest against all the things that are discontented. Punk is in the punk base color (black and white red) to be modified, steampunk mask is the belt clothes have to fight the square nails, and some tapered nails also. Because the metal sense of a strong dress and heavy metal rock "fast, fierce" style of music "coincide." This is also the style of the early 70s of the last century rock band dress. 1. With the "punk" to the world, Westwood's popularity is also getting higher and higher. In the spring of 1983, Westwood first held a fashion show in Paris. She launched the series called "witch", is a group of exposed under the abdomen of modern clothing there is not according to the law of the color of the patchwork, rough suture, sloppy rags and patches of color, which is an unprecedented " Fashion ".steampunk gas mask Her challenge, although it is impossible to get the whole society of resonance, but after all, so she won the world's eyes. With the new romantic movement, this preference in the early 80s has become a popular street fashion.

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