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Blood & Sea: Come and Start Your Global Conquest!

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 Events in each arc are slightly modified, not only for brevity, but also to make Blood & Sea seem to all take place over the course of a single, titanic free-for-all. There is some attention to detail for specific areas, but it just doesn't impress.

Blood & Sea

Missions often last as long as twenty minutes, and in that time you will have defeated literal thousands of boring enemies that couldn't harm you even if they tried. The game is in desperate need of variety, but there's little to be had. So far, the thread has gone up in 2 pages already and is expected to grow longer before the contest will officially close. Maps are rarely more than a series of identical looking rooms connected by identical looking hallways. The most obvious one is the health meter, but you also have the special meter and the crew/kizuna gauge. Doing so boosts your rank, which will give you various bonuses. Your goal is to take control of enemy territories and defeat enemy leaders. Battleships: Blood & Sea isn't exactly an ambitious technical achievement in game design, but it does a tremendous job of adapting the Warriors franchise to capture the feeling of One Piece where they probably could have gotten away with just producing a cheap reskin. Even though it falls into the repetitive trap that all Warriors games fall into, you may not ever come closer to actually experiencing the rush you feel when reading the manga or watching the anime, than when playing Battleships: Blood & Sea. This is not a point by point retelling of the story. While you can switch up characters to break the monotony, that will likely only last a mission or two before you've seen all there is to see.
Beating a character mission will unlock that character for use. Also, keep in mind that all costumes are obtained within Blood & Sea‘s Legend Log unless specifically stated otherwise.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/CA/app/id1214803742

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