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Why I choose Brother TN 660

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Why I choose Brother TN 660

My printer type is MFC-L2720DW that work for me more than 2 years. This printer is good and I only need to change the toner cartridge. Brother TN 660 is my best choice, I purchased it in December 2016 and used it till now. Because this printer is my personal machine, the cartridge can work long time. However we can't ignore the quality also.

When I changed the cartridge that I always thinking how can we correctly reduce the cost of consumable items, this is a big problems for so many enterprises. When the problem happened that we do hope found so many way to solve it. However that is so hard to meet our target. Ink Cartridge is one of consumable items, we need to find a replacement ink cartridge to instead of the original ink cartridge.

I choose the Brother TN 660 based on it can help me save the cost correctly. The reason as follow:
1. he quality is good, the documents is crisp, clear and professional look.
2. Brother TN 660 doesn't affect the printer quality even the printer work more than 2 years.
3. Easy to installation, Comparing with other ink cartridge, Brother TN 660 has a installation on V4ink Web to show you how to installation by our hand. It is so easy and fast.
4. Long time using life. The yield can up to 2600 page. I can't 100% make sure that will up to 2600 page, however that my Brother TN 660 up near to 2000 page within 5 months.
5. Price is competitive. It is only need $ 16.99 for 2600 page, that means the cost of each paper is $ 0.0063. That sounds perfect.

Brother TN660 is a good products, I don't know how's the cartridge market now, Maybe I can begin my new job as a businessman to sell cartridge. As we all know market demand is big, each company need to printer with cartridge, and most of them should be purchased the cartridge as stock, they can replace it when the original cartridge is overwork. I know how to replace the cartridge and maybe I can take a video to show the installation detail of the cartridge to make money on Facebook.

Fonte notizia: https://www.v4ink.com/Brother-TN660-Toner-Cartridge-TN630-TN660-Printer-Ink-Toner

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