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Get familiar with printer supplies

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Get familiar with printer supplies

We all know that the core component of the laser printer is the cartridge, toner cartridges directly affect the quality of the print, so we need to come to an independent understanding of the cartridge. This article includes the following four parts:

First, the importance of toner cartridges and toner

Before talking about toner cartridges, we need to briefly understand the relationship between toner cartridges and laser printers, we can first look at the laser printer works! The working principle of black and white laser printer, for example, when the computer sends data to the printer through the cable, the printer will first receive the data temporarily stored in the cache, when received a complete data sent to the printer after the processor, These data are processed into data sets of similar data tables that can be used to drive the print engine. For laser printers, these signals are a set of pulses that drive the laser head.

Well, laser printers began to work, in fact, the core technology is the electronic imaging technology, which combines the principles of imaging and electronics to generate images, the core component is a photosensitive cartridge. Laser emitters emit laser light on a prism-shaped mirror, with the rotation of the mirror, the light from one end of the drum to the other end in turn sweep (half way through a variety of focusing lens, so that the surface of the drum to scan the light is very small), then the drum to 1/300 inch or 1/600 inch stride is rotated and scanned line by line in the next performed. In fact, the drum is a surface coated with organic materials, cylinder, pre-charged with, when there is light exposure to the parts of the exposure will occur resistance of the reaction. The computer sends the data signal to control the laser emission, scanning the surface of the drum in the light constantly changing, so that some places will be exposed, the resistance is smaller, the charge disappeared, and some places are not subject to light exposure, Charge, and ultimately, the drum surface formed by the charge formed by the latent image. As shown in Fig.

How does the latent image become the actual printed image? Toner plays a key role in the toner is essentially a charge of fine plastic particles, the charge and the surface of the charge on the drum opposite polarity, when the surface of the drum with a charge through the ink roller, the charge The location of adsorption of toner particles, latent image becomes a real image. While the drum rotation, another group of transmission system will be sent to the printing paper, the print tape and the drum surface polarity of the same but much stronger charge, then the paper with toner cartridges, toner cartridges surface of the toner is attracted Onto the printing paper, the image is formed on the surface of the paper. At this time, the toner and the printer are merely attracted together by the attractive force of the charge, and the toner of the plastic mass is melted by heating at a high temperature before the printing paper is fed out to the printer, and solidifies on the surface of the paper sheet during the cooling.
After the toner is attached to the paper, the drum surface continues to rotate, passing through a cleaner that removes the remaining toner to enter the next print cycle. Can be seen in the process cartridge accounted for a very important position.

In fact, the laser printer is the most critical components. Because it not only determines the print quality is good or bad, but also determines the cost of printing. This is because the laser printer, 70% or more of the imaging units are concentrated in the drum, the print quality is good or bad in fact, it is largely determined by the cartridges. The cartridge and the printer is a consumable, the use of a period of time and reach a certain number of sheets after use need to be replaced, so choose the laser printer cartridge has a lot of knowledge.

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