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It is said that the laser pointer blue can illuminate the match. It is true, but not all the cheap laser pointer. We know that power is a key factor in the impact of the laser. In this way, the power of the laser has the function, usually higher than the output power of 200MW. If you are an astronomer, the high power of the green laser with your best choice. When you use it to point the star better effect. With the development of technology, its function is more and more perfect. The first generation is a unique laser pen that can emit laser spots. The second generation of the first generation is based on the function of the electron. A typical product is a laser projection with the ability to flip. The latest generation is a breakthrough and technological innovation. It can not only open the page, but also can write on the computer screen and use the words on the computer. Now that you have learned about the different types of laser indicators, you can consider where you will use the pointer and decide what kind of laser pointer you will use as needed. Remember - if you plan to use in a classroom, or a business management project, choose a blue laser pointer.

500mW Purple Laser Pen

In recent years, the use of laser has led to increased public safety and environmental impact. The high power green laser pointer is at the beginning of the helium-neon (helium-neon) laser gas and they have been designed to produce a laser beam with no more than one generation of mW.Today laser indicators using laser diodes as the light source and max. The output power of the laser beam is about (Arctic laser S3) 1W! Today we have very low power and high power lasers that must be handled with great care. Due to its potential risk, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) decided on four categories of lasers. They are classified according to their own production in the ability of people to expose the damage, the formation of a class (in the course of normal use of people without danger) four grades (harmful to the eyes and skin). It is always a great group of laser technology talent, the development of the latest green laser pen 200MW pointer both high power and a variety of colors, the most proud thing should be the laser pointer green hell series of high output power development range from 300mW To 700mW.

Not yet innovated and the development of laser diode technology is almost impossible for the laser pointer to maintain such a high output power while maintaining a constant temperature improvement in the laser diode. In addition, the application of the fresh air system has made a major breakthrough in the entire laser technology and allowed the development of ultra high power green laser pointer. Third, there are different colors of green laser pointer 200mW, such as green, red, blue, purple and blue. Common is the green laser pointer. Green laser light is more noticeable than other colors. Green laser is also selling chaud.Lorsque you are ready to buy a point where you should understand your purpose is clear. Then you can make a wise choice of power and color. If you are just using voice or a class, 50MW of laser power is your best choice. Lower laser power, the price is cheaper. If you want to buy a cheap laser pointer, you must choose the color green because it is more visible bright.

Most of the high power green laser indicators are used in military struggles, scientific research, medical care, secrecy, etc. There are still many fans or laser fans who would want to use this super gadgets to search for entertainment in our daily life. For example, one can use this super-laser-power burned experience to burn wood or matches, melt and cutting power ranges. People can still get a complete different experience of super laser gadgets - power. Compared with those of the traditional high-power gadgets, it is much better to have a safety key to adjust the green laser pointer. The zoom function, which is the most powerful laser spot for the people, while the instructions in the object become much easier, he finally improves the efficiency of the combustion and is a good choice for energy saving. From there must always be banned from pointing to the laser collimator to adjust the skin or eyes of every man and animal.

You can still have a good time for usb laser pointer, and if you know it's enough basic knowledge - ci.Quoi anyway, our daily life of high power laser gadgets can always be much better off, then people Should always remember to take positive measures to keep your eyes from the glare. The laser pointer of the laser radiation shelter has long been used in the military military and practical military practice on the battlefield.



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