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cell phone jammer protection system vulnerability threat

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 Android security problems have been criticized by people, and now the android new application cloning loophole, this is very bad news for android mobile phone users, it also from the side reflects the importance for the safety of cellular phones cell phone jammer.

The use of mobile jammers is common. The mobile bluetooth jammer was originally developed for law enforcement and the military to disrupt communications between criminals and terrorists. Bombs exploded in Spain in March 2004 and explosions in Bali in October 2002 and explosions in Jakarta in August 2003.

It was widely reported that in December 2003, cell phone jammers obstructed the assassination attempt of Pakistani President pervez musharraf. When President bush visited London in November 2004, it was reported that British police, with the help of a purr, saw the protection of the President of London. In the hostage situation, the police can control when and where the prisoners are called.

Companies use whine to prevent corporate espionage, prevent from camera phone voice transmission and take photos. The legality of the spectrum is even more questionable, with hotel chains installing jammers to block the use of mobile phones and forcing them to work in rooms with high interest rates. Such an excellent gsm jammer application is used.Another benefit is that when you stop an important conversation, it interrupts annoying interruptions by phone. Imagine you're in the middle of a lot of things, and someone's phone is ringing. This will not happen with the help of the GSM jammer. If the phone rings before it is blocked, you will receive voice messages after disabling the ukw radio jammer, informing you that you missed the call.

As a start, we should mention that it can block any signal from the phone. If you're a businessman, you know that. You don't have to worry about the threat on your cell phone, because no one will hear your voice. Every businessman can feel secure in accepting his latest deal or phone deal, of course, while dealing with mobile interference. If you block the signal, don't worry.

In public places, we should know where the phone should be turned off. There is no doubt that at the cinema, the theater, the observatory, the church, the synagogue, the work, the steering and the flight, attention, request manners. If the audience's attention is focused on the show, your phone may disturb the people around you, or even stop the performer from waiting for your call to end.

But in these public places, it is difficult to limit morality due to the different quality level. Some people understand and act easily, but others can't. So we need mobile phone interference, heavy or small mobile, depending on the type of customer. The frequency of some interference signals is the same as that of the pager and the cell phone, thus cutting off the communication between the cell phone and the base station.

As a dangerous area, the prison must have a thorough security measure to prevent the law from acting. But we know from news or movies that people in prison are not law-abiding, and that some people smuggle telephones and engage with the outside world by telephone, so it's actually a prison. So the big question. This is why the disturbing bluetooth signal is found in prison.

Prison jammers are also called portable jammers, and you can see what his main job is. Yes, we can install high power jammer in prisoners, canteens, dormitories, or sports areas in the area of the mobile phone. The effective interference area will appeal to all mobile phones and avoid receiving prisoners from escape or contact.

Of course, you don't have to worry about a disaster that doesn't meet your needs. There are many different types of signal jammers. You can get what you want based on your situation. As an ordinary portable jammer, they have a very decent working space, especially if your main goal is to stop people in the area. I think they've reached five meters, that's enough, especially if you're on the bus right now, and you want people to hold out for a minute or two. Such equipment will certainly help you.

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We know what a signal jammer, but we may not know what cell phone etiquette is... In addition, do we have some questions about etiquette in the telephone conversation? Many people don't have any cell phone etiquette is a common problem - out of control. Mobile phone users should be responsible for this, not mobile phones, and must follow some necessary rules, otherwise it will become more common in the near future and become an important auxiliary tool for mobile phone interference.

At first, when the jammer is manufactured, it is tested. There are many necessary tests, such as battery life, transmission frequency, and so on, including test storage radius. Manufacturers always think that the test results are more effective than the actual range, because these devices are often tested in empty places. They know that buildings and concrete structures block the transmission of signals. Most of us live in big cities and we are surrounded by skyscrapers. Local cell phone signal strength is also a factor. Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised if your device can't block a phone 30 meters away.




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