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The Hot Game Glorious Saga Exposure Summary of New Content!!!

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 Glorious Saga H5’s small pets are now open for purchase. At the same time, the printing platform also opens the Glorious Saga H5 statue 3D rendering experience, free to experience character customization. Glorious Saga players can enter the World of Warcraft Glorious Saga statue 3D printing platform, enter the role name and server to freely experience the game character 3D rendering service.

Today, the official website of Glorious Saga officially announced that the Blizzard Fiesta virtual ticket holders in China will be synchronized with the global players to experience the classic Glorious Saga nostalgic clothing at the Blizzard Carnival.
At the end of the Blizzard Carnival opening ceremony on November 3rd (around 4am) in Beijing time, players who purchase virtual tickets can download the demolished version of the Blizzard Carnival Glorious Saga classic nostalgic suit under development.
Players will have the opportunity to explore the early days of the classic old world – the Alliance and the tribes – to experience limited missions and to experience the original Azeroth in the first place.
The demo activity lasted until 1 am on November 9th, Beijing time. Before that, players who purchased the Blizzard Fiesta virtual tickets can experience all the contents of the Glorious Saga classic nostalgic demo version.
It is reported that Blizzard Carnival will open on the 3rd of next month, in addition to the direct experience of nostalgic clothing trials, then buy virtual tickets to watch the 2018 Blizzard Carnival network video program, a single ticket 238 yuan.
Recently, " Glorious Saga " officially held a conference on "Battle Azeroth" 8.1 patch: the wave of revenge, let us take a look at what will be new content of this 8.1 patch.

Glorious Saga H5
Glorious Saga content patch: Dungeons include Pets Instances, Gear Instances, Sets Instances, Gems Instance, Gold Instances and Mounts Instances. Clear Stage 8 to activate Dungeons. Raiding the instances can not only obtain rewards, but also improve heroes’ stats by using the rewards:Field Bosses (include Level BOSS, World BOSS and Timed BOSS)
Level BOSS: Defeat Level BOSS for chances to drop Orange Defense Gear and Orange Shards. Level BOSS will refresh when CD time is over (6 hours). When player reach certain levels, the BOSS that current level can challenge will be activated.
World BOSS: All players of this server can join in World BOSS. You can challenge BOSS level which are 10 levels above or below (only whole number). Challenge each BOSS 5 times/day, and BOSS will CD before refreshing. The CD time for each BOSS is 2 minutes.
Timed BOSS: Players of this sever can join in Timed BOSS. After the BOSS refreshes, player have 30 minutes to kill it. BOSS refreshes for 24 hours.
There are many innovation in glorious saga,if you are interested in the game,please click here:
PC site: http://pc.gs.instantfuns.com/    
Mobile site: http://h5.gs.instantfuns.com/ 
Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/GloriousSaga/ ​

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