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HongKong International Lightfair 2018

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The Autumn Lighting Fair and the Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology Lighting Expo together form the world's largest lighting trade platform. The autumn lighting exhibition scale has further expanded, with an exhibition area of 70,716 square meters, setting a record and continuing to create endless opportunities for buyers and exhibitors.  “LED and Eco-Lighting” zone is the largest exhibition area in the audience. More than 1,100 exhibitors exhibited energy-saving lighting products for commercial and residential use. Industrial and commercial intelligent lighting systems, the "Smart Lighting and Lighting Solutions" exhibition area also closely follows the development of smart technology, displaying stylish lighting design, software, management systems and intelligent lighting design solutions.


 Other theme areas of the exhibition include "commercial lighting","home lighting", "testing and verification services", "trade services and publications", etc., to facilitate buyers to find the products and suppliers. The exhibition made a more reasonable arrangement for the product area to highlight the main business areas of the lighting industry, accurately grasp the global lighting industry trends, and meet the changing needs of buyers. The focus of this autumn lighting show is light-emitting diode (LED) products. 


LED lamps are energy-saving and durable, and have a wide range of designs and colors. They are welcomed by the market and the future is bright. More and more buyers are interested in purchasing LED products. 

The Hong Kong Government has recently proposed not to use non-reflective incandescent bulbs of 25 watts or more, which is highly accepted by the market. According to the Hong Kong lighting store, the sales of incandescent bulbs are already very low, even 5% of the overall sales of the store, and the market for LED bulbs will become stronger and stronger in the future.


 Our company Lampshining participated in this largest and influential professional lighting exhibition. At this exhibition, we brought our company's new products, LED landscape lights, Hurricane UFO LED high bay lights, LED high mast lights, LED Corn Light, Mars series LED Street light, LED retrofit Kit, etc. 



The pictures show the exhibition site., you can see that many professionals are on site. 









Fonte notizia: http://www.lampshining.com

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