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Western World Sex Doll Concept Will Be Closer

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Sex Doll Company will launch GYNOID doll

In January, the concept of the “Western World” of realistic sex robots will be even closer. At that time, the sex doll company will launch the GYNOID doll, an anatomically correct sex doll with a patented electronic speech head with personalized personality and memory.

The brothels in Collins, Lucerne, Switzerland, replaced most prostitutes with sex dolls because of the demand and cheapness. The news that a Perth start-up company plans to launch a new product at an event held in Melbourne this weekend may not catch your attention.

However, if we tell you that this startup specializes in selling surreal Japanese sex dolls (men and women), the product will be launched at Sexpo, the world's first Australian-based doll. Adult movie star?

160CM RZR Silicone Sex Dolls Yasuko

He said: "The worst thing she might do for you is to insult you." He pointed out that harmonious arms and legs are articulated and fully poseable, but they don't work independently - at least not yet.

He said: "Now, the whole idea of ​​a flat chested love dolls robot with sexual ability is very modern. It is very clear. But harmony is a sophisticated machine, and her main design is to engage in dialogue."

If you don't want to go all the way to the brothel, they also provide services to bring the selected sex dolls home as needed.

In terms of hygiene, the brothel insists that all TPE sex dolls be cleaned and disinfected after use. If people want to clean them again, there will be cleaning supplies in every room in the brothel.

Still, spending an hour in the sex doll prototype company is horrifying. Her face is really human. Her eyes moved, her eyelids licked, her eyebrows lifted, and she could turn her head, chin, and change her expression. When the face motor and Bluetooth speaker are in "chat" mode, she can say blue stripes.

As men's demand for bisexuals grows, SEX Robotics will be launched in Japan. The brothel will be opened by urdolls in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, which is behind the scenes of similar events in Barcelona and Turin.

The sex club has several rooms that offer customers a silicone model service instead of a real prostitute. France recently established the first d cup sex dollbrothel in Paris for those who prefer plastic companies rather than real women. The sex club has several rooms that offer customers a silicone model service instead of a real prostitute.



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