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My Second Date With A Sex Doll Home

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Making silicone dolls takes up to 80 hours

I still maintain a good relationship with Jane. After a while, I revealed my secret to her. I showed her Emma (my super authentic pregnant sex doll). In the first few seconds, she was jealous, but after some thought, Jane smiled, grabbed Emma, ​​touched her breast, and said, "Dear baby, let us sleep together."

Then there are other components of it; customization. Stanley didn't mention it in the interview or on her website, but please ... guys will personalize it.

Maybe the lost S / O cup is now DD, and she has new trash in her trunk. Dirk decided to buy Jenny because he was in a state of collapse and felt very lonely. The 6,000 euro sex doll is the source of his comfort, his therapist, his eternal partner.

But she didn't stop there. She will also make GYNOID doll for those she wants. Do you want to fuck Marilyn Monroe or Abe Lincoln? Finished, and although it makes sense in theory, comfort is a good line. If you want an ordinary doll to hug and fuck, please continue. But this is not her biggest business recently.

148CM B Cup TPE Sex Doll Emma

Marcusson said the men paid for custom D cup sex doll ranging from $ 6,000 to $ 50,000. The manufacturer claims that their vagina is sometimes even "better" than that of a real woman.

At the beginning, they have a lot of sex, which is common in any relationship when you are just in love. This is no longer important to them. The sex doll has become a true companion, not just for his sex toys. Maybe she was using her power, and it had nothing to do with the orifice. However, on the other hand, she did say a majority.

The delivery was fast, faster than I expected, and packed in unrecognizable ordinary boxes. I found my doll. It's Emma, ​​and I bought her for $ 799. She is Japanese, that's why I want TPE sex doll. To make a long story short, I got my cock into her vagina from my pants and I fucked her. I'm really horny, just like when I'm with a real woman, so this is anxious. I released her heart in less than 10 seconds.

"It takes up to 80 hours to make a silicone doll," she said. "Men choose everything from body, face, eye color, and hair color."

Marcusson said that people in her series came from all walks of life. Two months later, I caught a new fish. Jane is so beautiful and likes me. I took her home on my second date and undressed her (just like I practiced many times with the Japanese sex doll). This will be my first time sleeping with a real woman in a while. So I warned her. "I think you are very beautiful and I want to hold on for more than 30 seconds. As usual, she agreed to try first. After kissing and licking her chest and hips, I am not as hard as before. I was not in a hurry Quickly into her experience, I spent my time making her too wet.



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