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How to use GPS jammer help youself

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GPS jammer will help you protect your personal privacy

GPS Jammer is designed for area and assets protection against satellite navigated threats like GPS guided missiles. The SCL-APSNT can also be used against low flying UAVs to prevent reconnaissance of important place. GPS jammer can be effectively used in combat situations for eliminating satellite navigated guided weapon systems, missiles and ground/airborne threats It is designed to operate on all satellite navigation system available today or in the near future including GPS, GPS II, GALILEO and GLONASS at different power levels. It is upgradable to operate on COMPASS. (SCL-APSNT) provides protection ranges from 30 Km to 150 Km depending on the power output of the jammer and the envisaged region of coverage.

GPS signals make use of a definite and specific frequency. GPS works at two main frequencies. The one is intended for non-military or public use at 1575.42 MHz and the other one is meant for military purpose at 1227.6 MHz. Actually, GPS is based on radio waves.

Overall, using the GPS can be very useful, such as car navigation, finding missing persons and navigating in the sea. Even so, there are many different ways to misuse the GPS, and that is why we have the GPS jammers.

wifi jammer can block radio communications on devices that operates on a given radio frequencies within its range (i.e., within a certain distance of the jammer) by emitting a noise radio carrier. A GPS jammer generates a 1575.42 Mhz interference to prevent your GPS unit from receiving correct positioning signals. The GPS jammer is typically a small, self-contained, battery powered and transmit signal over a small radius.

Military GPS jamming in Russian

Russia has very advanced capabilities to disrupt GPS. Over 250,000 cell towers in Russia have been equipped with GPS jamming devices as a defense against attack by U.S. missiles. And there have been press reports of Russian GPS signal jammer in both Moscow and the Ukraine. In fact Russia has boasted that its capabilities “make aircraft carriers useless,” and the U.S. Director of National Intelligence recently issued a report that stated that Russia and others were focusing on improving their capability to jam U.S. satellite systems.

The fact that in both cases the GPS location showed up as an airport seems to point to something else – Russia has developed its cyber-warfare capacity to cause GPS satellite navigation systems to lie, perhaps to protect its airports from enemy drone and missile attacks.

Indeed, in 2016 Muscovites and foreign journalists began to notice that when they drove around the Kremlin their GPS high power jammer devices showed their position as Vnukovo airport, around 30 miles away. Experts believe the phenomenon is caused by a Russian secret-services signal intended to disorient devices near the capitol building that navigate via GPS, most likely to protect the Kremlin.

Vehicular Charging Jammers

It is said that a one-kilowatt portable jammer can block a GPS receiver from as far away as 80 kilometers. Russia’s Arctic 200th Independent Motor Rifle Brigde in Pechenga is 55 kilometers from Kirkenes airport. The Kola Peninsula is home to many other military camps and naval bases. Norwegian Communication Authority made measurements from helicopters flying out of Kirkenes at the time when the GPS signal was lost trying to understand the scoop problem. The sources of the disruptions were clearly coming from the east. The jamming, though, didn’t caused problems on ground. What happened at sea is unclear.

Head of Communication with the intelligence service, Kim Alexander Gulbrandsen, does not answer the question from the Barents Observer regarding possible Russian jamming before or after the September military drill affecting GPS receivers in the Barents Sea.



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