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LinkedIn For Business: come utilizzare LinkedIn per il marketing?

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LinkedIn For Business: come utilizzare LinkedIn per il marketing?

LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. This is why the social media platform is actually an excellent tool to use for companies that want to promote their services and products.

We can define LinkedIn marketing simply as a process that uses the social network in order to improve brand awareness, generate contacts, establish connections and build commercial relationships. The reason it works is that you have access to a lot of information that you can use to create an excellent marketing campaign.

But how do you do it?

There are numerous things that can be done to properly use LinkedIn for marketing purposes. It is impossible to highlight them all. Instead, let's just focus on a few that are truly effective.

Take full advantage of the links you can use on LinkedIn

Many people only share links on LinkedIn. This is not enough. You should also take full advantage of all the tools offered by the network.

Links can be added to your social networks and portfolios on the LinkedIn page. So, you can add links that link to business information and content in order to increase the number of clicks you receive. This is an important feature because it allows you to draw more attention to certain parts of the profile page so that you can drive traffic elsewhere.

Use SEO for your LinkedIn page

There are clear differences between online and offline advertising . One that is less known is that with online content you need to use SEO (search engine optimization).

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not limited to blogs and sites only. You can optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it can be discovered by those who use LinkedIn search. You just have to optimize the most important terms you would like to be found for. The keyword can be used in different sections of the profile, such as summary, title or work experience.

Rearrange sections of the profile

On the LinkedIn profile, you can reorder the sections and edit them so that you can highlight the things that are really important to you. Enter edit mode and hover over the appropriate button to make changes within the section. So, organize everything to highlight the things that are most important to you.

Use LinkedIn approvals

A unique feature of LinkedIn is Endorsements. It allows you to quickly recognize the skills for the people you work with, such as colleagues, partners, freelancers and employees. This is very useful for people because it validates the work done.

With LinkedIn, you can promote and even support skills for people, including yourself. When you get several confirmations, your profile becomes more impressive. Build authority, which is very important when it comes to convincing people that you really know what you are saying.

Publish articles on LinkedIn

Although the functionality is not available to everyone, it is not so difficult to be approved on the social network to publish articles. Once approved, it's time to take full advantage of the opportunity.

The trick here is to make sure you adapt to posting content on a social network, not a website or blog. You can take advantage of a good CTA but you should focus on developing content that is really good for the audience you have, which in this case is mainly composed of specialists. You can also optimize your content from an SEO perspective. There is nothing wrong with that.

Join the conversations

Last but not least, many marketing experts fail to understand the fact that they can interact with others and use it for future marketing benefits. In addition to the fact that building relationships with others improves your networking efforts, brand awareness also increases when you participate as a brand.

When you participate in conversations on LinkedIn, it is really important to respect the core values ​​and show your knowledge. This can be done in a friendly way, which is also preferred on a professional network like LinkedIn.

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